1. Its the time now when you can’t even trust posters and notice issued by Govt. As they can be photnshopped huh! #PhotoShopSarkar
  2. Which Shop is famous in Gujrat? Clue:This shop did good business in 2014Election .
  3. You, with the selfie DP! Not ironical at all that you are outraging against the #PhotoShopSarkar
  4. What could be the possible aim of a govt. that was largely elected through Fake Propaganda ? #PhotoshopSarkar
  5. Delhi BJP chief said he will carry his experience from SDMC to assembly. Bhakts said hehe, we already have #PhotoShopSarkar
  6. Top fashion models have protested against air-brushing their pictures. They don’t want any association with #PhotoShopSarkar
  7. Only way to coverup the mess is via deception #PhotoShopSarkar
  8. Did the recent by-election results have any impact on Modi ji’s revised views on Indian Muslims. V r always patriotic #PhotoshopSarkar
  9. International Standard Airports needed #PhotoShopSarkar at ur Service
  10. They want come in power in Delhi by fraud means like they done it from years in NDMC.It is a sample. #PhotoshopSarkar
  11. You could fool untill your 100 day #PhotoShopSarkar expired
  12. #PhotoShopSarkar Helping the ugly get better everyday
  13. This gov hs cm into power by photoshopping ugly face of BJP and it’s beliefs. It’s a #PhotoShopSarkar
  14. What a way to clean city,jst 5 mins on photoshop are reqd. #PhotoshopSarkar
  15. New Traing Classes for all Delhi Municipal Employees by BJP Trolls Art of Photoshopping without getting caught #PhotoShopSarkar
  16. BJP-ruled MCD implementing d famous Guj. Photoshop Model in Delhi.Submitted Photoshopped pics in HC as status report. #PhotoshopSarkar
  17. We’ve seen Bullet train, Pyramids, eiffel tower, great wall of china in gujrat, thanks to NARENDRA MODI PHOTOSHOP UDYOG #PhotoshopSarkar


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  1. AAPtard 6 years ago

    haha nice try..

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