Here is Teesta Setalvad after seeing some Hindus



  1. Why is Teesta not behind bars? Tavleen Singh call her part of a NGO machinery whose soul job is to make money by maligning Hindus
  2. #PadmaShri awarded to Teesta Setalvad for licking Congressi boots & duping, intimidating & harassing riot affected muslims. @TeestaSetalvad
  3. Shame on Teesta Satalvad for nurturing communal hatred by depicting Hindu deities and Muslim faces in such brutal…
  4. So, today’s “Digvijay Singh Award” goes to Teesta Setalvad aunty.
  5. If only Teesta Setalvad had compared secular Gods to ISIS, we’d have seen all secular parties abusing her. Communal God no? So no outrage.
  6. Hope others also share copy of complaints filed in other Parts of India against Teesta, like @Rajput_Ramesh has done
  7. Is Teesta Setalabad trying to suggest that ISIS are Hindus. ISIS wouldn’t be amused for once and their ire quite dangerous !
  8. Why should Muslims protest. Everyone should protest. I don’t know why this rumour Teesta is not Muslim
  9. Use all legal means against Teesta, if only to convince apologists of Islamic fundamentalism to make FoS absolute
  10. Teesta Setalwad should be arrested immediately!If she insulted the Qoran or Islam by this time Fatwa would have issued by the various Imams!


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