“Toothless” Maharashtra CET exam on June 17, 2013 for MMS admissions.


The Association of Management of MBA/MMS Institutes (AMMI) will hold a Common Entrance Test (CET) for students, seeking admissions to MBA/MMS courses, on June 17.

Some of the “premier” institutions taking its score are:

  • Mumbai Institutes of Management & Research
  • Dr. G.D.Foundation YMT College of Management
  • Oriental Institute of Management
  • Smt. K.G. Mittal Institute of Management, Information Technology & Research
  • Vishweshwar Education Society’s Indira Institute of Business Management
  • JNIESTR’s,Rajeev Gandhi College of Management Studies

However it is avoidable if you were targeting good college within top 10 – 15 ranks is taking its score.. Making it suitable for students scoring less than 100 -120 marks in cmat..
However good marketing by the AMMI to take over the CET name which was used for admissions into JBIMS and other top colleges in Maharashtra till last year.

More details about the exam: http://www.mahaammi.com



Q. 1. The difference between a number and its three fifth is 50. What is the number?
(1)75 (2) 100 (3) 125 (4) 150

Q.2. 36 men can complete a piece of work in 18 days. In how many days will 27 men
complete the same work?
(1)12 (2)18 (3)22 (4)24

Q.3. Ganga and Jamuna started a business investing Rs. 22,500 and Rs. 35,000 respectively. Out of total profit Rs. 13,800, Jamuna’s share is :
(1) Rs. 5400 (2) Rs. 7200 (3) Rs. 8400 (4) Rs. 9600

Q.4. A man invest in a 16% stock at 128. The interest obtained by him is: (1)8% (2)12% (3)12.5% (4)16%

Q.5. In how many ways can the letter of the word ‘APPLE’ be arranged?
(1) 720 (2) 120 (3) 180 (4)60

Choose the word nearest in meaning (Synonym)

(1) Unreal (2) Faithful (3) Glorious (4) Eccentric Choose the word opposite in meaning (Antonym)

(1) Remedy (2) Redeem (3) Err (4) Sanctify

(1) Useful (2) High (3) Shallow (4) Narrow


Q.4. My father went to ………….. college to pay my fee. (1) A (2) an (3) the (4) no article

Q.5. You will probably agree……… me. (l)with (2) for (3) in (4) upon


Q.l. In which language did Buddha preach?
(1) Pali (2) Prakrit (3)Brahmi (4) Sanskrit

Q.2. Currency of Peoples’ Republic of China is: (l)Rial (2) Yuan (3) Yen (4) Won


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Rav Singh Cetking

Rav Singh is a founder of Cetking Education. He has been conducting strategy and shortcuts classes for CAT, CMAT and other exams in Mumbai and Pune for the last 5 years. For more guidance and interaction join him on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cetkingworkshops

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