N.B.: 1) Section I is compulsory. (60 marks)
2) In Section II solve any 3 out of 4 questions. 2hrs.


Section – I

1. Answer the following Concept questions: (15 marks)
i. Advertising Budget
ii. Advertising appropriation
iii. Print Media
iv. Cost-Per-Point (CPP)
v. E-commerce

A leading fashion store “Stylz” specializing in men’s wear is planning to launch a range of value fashion clothing “Style Young” for teenagers and youth (males) between the age-group of 13-22. They plan to set up retail outlets in all metros initially. These outlets will cater especially to the age group above mentioned, by attending to their clothing accessory, fashion update and makeover needs as well. They also plan to have men’s parlour personal grooming needs of their clients. Candidates form leading fashion institutes have been roped in for developing the label some leading fashion consultants will help clients with personal consultation. The VP marketing has selected your agency. Budget for advertising is 90 lakhs. You are required to:
a) Develop a complete advertising plan/ with reference to the budget strategy?
b) What sales promotion strategy would you suggest and why?
c) What will be the right media mix and why?

Section – II

3. Functions & Types of ad agency? (10 marks)

4. Explain the factors affecting Consumer behavior? (10 marks)

5. Promotions tools of IMC? (10 marks)

6. Short Notes: (any 2) (10 marks)
i. AIO statement
ii. McClelland’s Theory of Needs:
iii. AIDA Model
iv. Broadcast Media
v. Out-of-Home Media

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