Service Sector Management Prelims Questions 2012



00000012 / 4059 / 0002 / BMS / Service Sector Management / V Semester / Marks 60 M         / 2.00 Hrs. Seat _______




(1) In Section A, all questions are compulsory.

(2) In Section B, attempt any three questions.

(3) Both sections to be written in the same answer sheet.

(4) Illustrate your answers using available examples.

(5) Figures to the right indicate full marks.


SECTION – I – MARKS – 30 (Compulsory)

Q1. Concepts (any five)                                                                                                                     15       

a)      Moment of Truth

b)      Service Failure.

c)      Consumer Behavior.

d)      Procedural Justice

e)      Market Segmentation.

f)       Levels of customer contract.

g)      Branding of services.


Q2. Read the following case and answer the questions given below:                                                           15


The success of the package holiday from Club Med is becoming a household name in the holiday business is no accident. Everyone at club med, from the CEO to the kitchen porter, is committed to the ideal of customer satisfaction through every element of the package. Every member of the staff is ware that guests are coming to experience a combination of the resort location, the excellent facilities and the all important elements of personal interaction. Guest comes for a total experience –not just to have a few holidays away from home and work.


Club Med’s success can be attributed to the creative inclusive packages it has developed – all combining the basic mix of location, facilities and personal interaction. A typical Club Med inclusive package is comprised of three meals a day, beer or wine with lunch & dinner, a swimming pool and gymnasium, sailing, kayaking is not snorkeling, tennis water exercise, rock climbing, Chile, archery, aerobics, volleyball, basketball, table tennis, billiard, picnics, evening entertainment and dancing at nightclub and conference facilities.


Club Med offers different holiday plans – the budget plan, a moderate plan and a Deluxe Plan, from which customers can choose in accordance with their expectations and expenditure. Within these categories they offer various packages primarily for couples, packages primarily fro singles and packages primarily for families. The family package incorporates sub packages selected by parents for their children according to age – kids club, petit club, mini club and baby nursery club.

With these various packages, Club med offers not merely a holiday but a hassle free vacation package.

In the 1970’s and 1980’s Club Med was in vogue as the holiday destination for many single people in Europe. As these customers grow older, got married and began having children they are needed changed, In response, Club med extended its services and packages – thereby successfully maintaining the loyalty of its original customers for many years.

Using various specialized packages, Club Med has maintained its basic customer’s base while simultaneously extending its market demand to other customer group.



  1. Explain the Product / Services offered by Club Med
  2. Explain the Market Segmentation of Club Med.
  3. Explain the importance of teamwork in Service Sector.


SECTION – II – MARKS – 30  (Any three)


Q3. Do you think classification of services can help in developing the marketing mix? How?                       10


Q4. What are the five dimensions of Quality? Give suggestions to improve service quality in banking services using SERVQUAL model.                                                                                                                10


Q5. Elucidate the various steps in the benchmarking process.                                                             10


Q6.Short Notes (Any Two)                                                                                                                  10

  1. Positioning in services.
  2. Franchising.
  3. Internal Marketing.
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