Long answer questions


1.  Explain the role of retailer in a distribution channel

2.  What are the functions of a retailer?

3.  Differences between services and merchandise retailers

4.  Explain the types of franchising

5.  Benefits of franchising

6.  Challenges faced by a franchiser

7.  Types of Retailer




Short notes


1.  Franchising

2.  Retailers

3.  Ownership

4.  Breaking bulk

5.  Channel of Communication

6.  Corporate Chain Store

7.  Shop-in-shops

8.  Multichannel Retailing






Long answer questions


1.  Strategic retail planning process

2.  Role of information technology in retailing

3.  How retailers have gained certain cost and productivity benefits and marketing benefits by using it.

4.  Write in brief about the Indian scenario in retail market




Short notes:


1.  Customer loyalty

2.  Distribution and information systems

3.  Unique merchandise

4.  Vendor relations

5.  Customer service



6.  Retail branding





21                                     Classes For BMS, BBI & BFM



Long answer questions


1.  Comparison between the top management‟s merchandising strategy and merchandise planner‟s merchandising approach

2.  Phases in the merchandise planning

3.  Which are the branding options available to retailers

4.  Why retailers prefer private labels?



Short notes:


1.  Inventory turnover

2.  Sales forecasting

3.  Staple merchandise (basic merchandise)

4.  Stock keeping unit

5.  Assortment planning process

6.  Private branding



STORE MANAGEMENT Long answer questions

1.  What are the responsibilities of store management?

2.  Write brief about Store design and retailing image mix

3.  Explain various types of store layout

4.  Explain Store layout in brief.




Short notes:


1.  Store planning

2.  Space mix

3.  Floor space management

4.  Visual merchandising

5.  Display

6.  Grid

7.  Free flow

8.  Boutique

9.  Loop (Racetrack)

10. Spine




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