Reasons for Inaccuracy in Marketing Research

(1) Human behavior is always unpredictable: MR deals with humans who are far more complex and unpredictable than the subjects of physical sciences. A human being has ability to think and react. The responses of human beings are  different situations. These features of human behavior bring limitations on the findings of MR.. The conclusions drawn may not be always identical, accurate and reliable. This makes the conclusions less scientific.


(2) Human behavior is difficult to measure precisely: MR is not fully scientific as human behavior is difficult to measure accurately Human beings are liable to change in their outlook and behavior during the process of experimentation. Moreover, devices for measuring human behavior are not available. This affects the conclusions drawn in the research work. General conclusions about human behavior can be given. However, such rough estimates are not completely scientific. In short, complexity of human behavior puts limitations on MR and makes it less scientific.

(3) Human beings react differently under test conditions: MR is less scientific because human beings react differently under different conditions or while testing. The human tendency is to keep the real causes/reactions secret when interviewed for a research purpose. This affects the quality of results of research project. Such results are not scientific to the fullest extent. It is always difficult to collect reliable information from the persons selected for interview. It equally difficult to verify the correctness of the information collected from them. This makes MR less scientific.

(4) MR cannot be completely objective: MR cannot be completely objective as human beings cannot be studied in complete isolation This is possible in laboratory work by physical scientists, as they can shut off all outside influences during the period of experimentation However an investigator in MR cannot be separated from the society. His attitudes and interests are bound to affect research findings. This affects the conclusions drawn out of the MR project.

(5) Human beings cannot be studied in isolation: In MR, it is not possible to study the behavior of a consumer independently. It needs to be studied along with his personal interests, values, attitudes and so on. This situation affects the behavior of the consumer and the findings of the research work. The researcher has to conduct his study openly and has no control over the external factors. As a result, the findings of marketing researcher are bound to be less scientific.

(6) Dearth of reliable information: Information serves as the base of MR. The quality of research work depends on the reliability of information collected. The information collected in MR may not be accurate or complete. It is possible to draw only rough estimates/ conclusions from such information/data. This makes research conclusions less accurate and reliable. Sometimes, even the attitude and approach of researchers, investigators, etc. may make the research work less scientific.



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