There is a palpable sense of excitement in and around R.A.Podar College of Commerce and Economics at Matunga as the Podar fraternity gear up for Podar Moneta 2011. Following the success of the maiden event in 2009, Team Moneta is striving to make this edition bigger and better. Leading from the front is Parth Popat, Chairman of Team Moneta. M/s Parth & Co. have been putting in a hard shift, endeavouring to ensure that everyone associated with the event goes home more than satisfied.
The underlying philosophy is straightforward. As young men and women stepping out into the big, bad world, every student must be conversant with our modern economic scenario. With India ambling towards a free market economy with faltering steps, the corporate world is one that plays an important part in each and every one of our lives. The internet has made this hitherto uncharted territory so much more accessible. This is perhaps the first generation to come into age with plenty of devices to master the world of high finance. Opportunity beckons; one must but heed the call.
Team Moneta has kept this in mind whilst devising its objectives for this three day event. Moneta aims at introducing students to the world of stock markets, conglomerates, boardrooms, mergers, acquisitions and so on and so forth-to wit, the A to Z of the financial world. How to go about fulfilling this is a tricky proposition. The average eccentric teen will yawn as father tells him to read the business journal subscribed exclusively for his perusal. A business newspaper or even the business section of a regular newspaper is duller than ditchwater for the average eighteen-year old Joe.
Moneta entertains while it instructs. With a plethora of interesting events that would elevate the stock market to a football pitch in the eyes of a college-going kid, Moneta is as well-received as any non-financial college event. This spirit is epitomised by the event Bullring. Bullring is Moneta’s tour de force, as it simulates an actual stock market. Students can get to feel what a Dalal Street broker goes through as they witness stock market trading on a virtual trading platform supported by the National Stock Exchange themselves.
The other events are no less interesting. They are categorised, aptly, it may be added, as Large Cap, Midcap and Small Cap. Black Gold is different from Bullring only due to the fact that the former is an exchange for commodities, whilst the latter deals in equity. Synergies shall see the participants trying to convince investment bankers how their company is ripe for potential investment. The CFO challenge will ask the contestants to step into the shoes of the CFO of a company as he deals with all sorts of conundrums. The events deal with myriad subjects-from equity trading to carbon credit to black money. Comprehensive is the mot juste.
If the events haven’t captured your imagination yet, the seminars will. The speakers are amongst the who’s who of the Indian financial world. From chairmen of corporate leviathans like LIC and Mahindra Satyam, to luminaries from stock brokers, stock exchanges and regulatory bodies, the speakers shall provide everyone with plenty of food for thought. Team Moneta has worked brilliantly to provide its patrons with such classy fare.
Just in case you happen to find yourself at a loose end amidst all the competitions and seminars, there are a variety of workshops due to be held during the event. Understanding window dressing, recognising undervalued and overvalued stocks are just two of many.
Organising such a mammoth event, Team Moneta has not forgotten its social obligations. In a bid to reach out to youngsters with a will to learn but without means to do so, members of Team Moneta visit rural areas all over the country and imparted basic financial literacy to more than seven and a half thousand students.
Recognising Moneta’s potential, eminent organizations like the National Stock Exchange and IIFL have extended their support. CNBC TV18 and the Entrepreneur Magazine have helped promote this one of a kind Finance Fest.
Moneta 2009 was a pioneer as Moneta 2011 attempts to continue the legacy. Informative, instructive, entertaining, competitive, fun, riveting…the epithets scarcely dry up as the event draws closer and closer. Moneta 2011 is coming to R.A.Podar College of Commerce and Economics on the seventh of December. Let the countdown begin!
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