Process Mix.


It is more important to do what is strategically right than what is immediately profitable  – Philip Kotler

          In case of insurance sector, the process mix includes the various interactions that take place between the insurance agent and the customer in the process of selling the policy to the customer till the settlement of claims.

The following process mix is followed by insurance companies in case of life insurance:

1)    The insurance agent calls up the customer and informs him about the different policies offered by the company and the price mix of all the policies. If, the customer seems interested in taking the policy then, he fixes an appointment with the customer.

2)    The insurance agent meets the customer and gives him some information about the insurance company and also about the benefits of the policy.

3)    The customer is then asked to fill a financial review form (FRF) and the agent is asked to find out the standard of living of the customer so that the insurance company gets a clear picture about the financial condition of the customer and what kind of policy he can afford.

4)    The insurance company offers various policies but they might not be suitable for the customer hence, on the basis of his requirements and financial status, the insurance agent suggests two or three policies to the customer, which will be suitable for him.

5)    The insurance agent explains the different policy plans in detail to the customer i.e. the amount of premium to be paid, the time interval at which the premium is to be paid, the benefits of each of the policy etc. A brochure is also provided to the customer wherein the entire description of all the policies is given.

6)    Then, the insurance agent provides a feedback form to the customer and asks him to give his feedback regarding the policies that he has been informed about. This feedback is taken in order to find out whether the customer is satisfied with the plans of the policy or whether the company needs to make the policy plans more attractive so that it may appeal to its future customers.


7)    Then, the next appointment is fixed by the insurance agent with the customer and in this meeting; the customer selects the policy plan, which appeals to him. The customer is then asked to fill up the proposal form which contains various details of the payment and he is asked to make the first premium payment.

8)    Then, the insurance agent submits the duly filled and signed form in the insurance office along with the other necessary documents. E.g.: Medical Reports in case of Life Insurance. Submission of Age Proof is essential as the rate of premium payable on a life insurance policy, generally varies with age, and therefore age is one of the most important factors in determining the rate of premium payable in an individual case. The following is accepted as age proof:

  • Ø Certified extract from municipal or local body’s records made at the time of birth.
  • Ø Certificate of Baptism if it contains date of birth
  • Ø Passport issued by passport authorities in India.
  • Ø Certified Extract from school or college records, if date of birth is mentioned.

9)    The customer must get himself examined from the approved doctor of LIC. The medical examination is necessary to determine the physical fitness of the customer. If the medical report is favourable, then only LIC will issue the policy.

10)                        An average twelve days time is taken by the company to verify the submitted documents. After the twelve days period, the insurance agent meets the customer to provide him a policy document, which consists of the terms and conditions of the policy. This is because terms and conditions of the policy differ for different customers due to differences in medical conditions of customers in case of life insurance and due to differences in nature of goods and mode of transportation in case of marine and fire insurance.

11)                       Then, a reconfirmation is taken by the agent from the customer that he agrees with the terms and conditions of the policy.

12)                       The insurance agent then regularly collects the premium from the customer whenever the premium becomes due.


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