1. Are Management and administration different? Explain.
2. Explain the Characteristics of management as profession?
3. What do you mean by planning premises and how it can be made effectively?
4. What do you mean by Span of Management?
5. Distinguish between “Delegation” and Decentralization”?
6. Discuss the principles of effective directing?
7. What is Group Dynamics?
8. What is managerial Grid?
9. Discuss the significance of leadership as an integral part of management. Explain different leadership styles.
10. What do you mean by Management Control? Explain the Control process is an organization.
11. Define Communication and describe the important steps is a communication process Explain the principal barriers to communication.
12. Discuss the merits and demerits of different types of organizational structure.
13. Explain the significance of different approaches of management in management theory.
14. Explain the nature of management?
15. Discuss in detail, the differences between formal organization and informal organization.
16. What do you mean by programmed and non-programmed decisions?
17. What are the characteristics of organization?
18. What are the techniques of direction?
19. Explain the different levels of management?
20. What are the problems of co-ordination?
21. What are the different types of planning
22. Explain the functions of management?
23. Explain the significance of planning?
24. What are the barriers to communication? How can one overcome them?
25. Explain Herzberg’s Motivation-Hygiene theory?
26. Write in short the different steps in control process?
27. Explain the principles of direction?
28. What are the different types of co-ordination and explain any two of them in detail?
29. Define Management-State the importance of Management?
30. Explain different types of decision?
31. What is planning? Explain in the nature of planning?
32. Explain span of control?
33. Define Authority and Responsibility?
34. What is meant by motivation? What are the non-monetary factors of motivation?
35. What are the qualities of good leadership?
36. Explain the need for control?
37. Explain the modern approaches of Management?
38. Discuss the various steps to be followed in planning?
39. What are the barriers to effective communication? How to overcome the barriers to communication?
40. Explain Maslow’s theory of motivation?
41. Explain different theories of Leadership?
42. Explain the principles of co-ordination and techniques to be used for effective co-ordination?
43. What is control? What are its steps? What are the techniques of control?

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