Most Important Concept Questions I Am Going To Study For IMTP April 2014 Exams


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Conceptual questions in IMTP subject are generally asked for 10-15 marks in Section I. Students may or may not have any choice and students have to attempt 5 questions. 2 marks or 3 marks is allotted per concept question. 6-7 points i.e. Maximum 1 page answer is expected for each IMTP concept.


April 2002:

1) Explain the concept of Karma

2) What is a learning organization?

3) What are the different styles of leadership?

4) What important issue was brought out in “Narmada Bachao Andolan”?

5) How relevant are ethics to business?


April 2003:

1) Indian Management Thought

2) Indian Cultural Heritage

3) Indian concept of learning

4) Self control

5) Concept of mind stilling

6)  Doctrine of Nishkama Karma

7) Swadharma

8) Ecological balance

9) Concept of SRT gunas

10) Concept of Meditation (Dhyana)


April 2004:

1) Detached involvement

2) Concept of KARMA

3) De-igoization v/s de-personification

4) Values and skills

5) Corporate accountability


April 2005:

1) Yoga

2) Nishkama Karma

3) Swadharma

4) Divinity

5) Bliss or Moksha

6) Ethics

7) Spirituality


April 2006:

1) Ethical dilemma

2) 4 Varnas

3) Bliss (Ananda)

4) Social audit

5) Creativity

6) Service attitude

7) Self motivation


April 2007:

1) Concept of Corporate Karma

2) Concept of Karta

3) Concept of Divinity

4) Concept of Dharmic Leadership

5) Concept of Sustainable development

6) Concept of social harmony


April 2008:

1) Theory of dharma

2) Concept of Karta

3) SRT Gunas


5) Leadership

6) Social audit

7) Ethical dilemma


April 2009:

1) Potential divinity

2) Atman

3) Purushartha model

4) Quality of work life

5) Concept of meditation

6) Concept of karma

7) SRT Gunas

8) Gandhiji’s philosophy of trusteeship


April 2010:

1) Karma Siddhant and Productivity

2) Yoga practice and managerial effectiveness

3) Inner reality and self-management

4) Meditation and managerial decision-making


April 2011:

1) Concept of Rina in Dharma

2) 5 sheaths and individual personality

3) Moksha through Karma Yoga

4) Transactional Leadership

5) Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam and globalisation


April 2012:

1) Meditation and Ashtanga Yoga

2) Concept of Bliss (Ananda)

3) Purushartha Model

4) Jainism

5) Grihasthashram


April 2013:

1) Dharma

2) Concept of Yoga

3)Corporate accountability

4) Self Realisation

5) Concept of Koshas





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