Merchandise allowance


In the form of free products packed with regular shipments, are payments to the trade for setting up and maintaining displays. The payments are typically far less than manufacturers would have to spend to maintain the displays themselves.


Some of the schemes operating in town are:


  • Buy Cadbury’s products worth Rs.3000/- and get 30 any chocolates worth Rs.5 free.


  • Buy a box of Munch and get 1 Munch free.


  • Buy 30 Bonbon packs and get 1 free.


  • Buy Colgate toothpaste worth Rs.500/- and get 6% discount.


  • Buy 24 Close Up toothpaste and get 1 free.


  • Buy 3 Good Knight Liquid packs and get 1 free.


  • Buy 3 Mortein coils and get 1 free.


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