Directions for questions (68 to 70): Refer to the following information.



Swetha, Swarna, Sneha and Soumya are four sisters who have an agreement that they share all snacks equally among themselves. One day, uncle Prem gave a box of cookies to Swetha. Since the other sisters were not around, Swetha divided the cookies into four parts, ate her share and put the rest into the box. As she was closing the box, Swarna came in, She took all the cookies from the box and divided them into four equal parts. Swetha and Swarna ate one part each and put the rest into the box. Just then Sneha walked in. She took all the cookies from the box, divided them into four equal parts. The three of them ate their respective shares and put the rest into the box. Later, when Soumya came, she divided all the cookies into four equal parts and all the four sisters ate their respective shares. In total, Soumya ate 3 cookies.


68. How many cookies, in total, did Sneha eat?


(1) 30                     (2) 12                     (3) 15                     (4) 6                       (5) None of these


69. How many cookies did uncle Prem give to Swetha?


(1) 128                   (2) 156                   (3) 256                   (4) 192                   (5) None of these


70. How many cookies, in total, did Swetha eat?


(1) 32                     (2) 142                   (3) 72                     (4) 71                     (5) None of these









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