In each of the following questions, a paragraph has been split into four parts. You have to rearrange these parts to form a coherent paragraph.




A. He was carrying his jacket and walked with his head thrown back.

B. As Anette neared the lamp she saw a figure walking slowly.

C. For a while Michael walked on and she followed twenty paces behind.

D. With a mixture of terror and triumph of recognition she slackened her pace.

(a) ABCD

(b) BADC

(c) BCDA

(d) ACBD



A. However, the real challenge today is in unlearning, which is much harder.

B. But the new world of business behaves differently from the world in which we grew up.

C. Learning is important for both people and organisations.

D. Each of us has a ‘mental model’ that we’ve used over the years to make sense.

(a) CADB

(b) BDAC

(c) CDAB

(d) ACBD



A. There was nothing quite like a heavy downpour of rain to make life worthwhile.

B. We reached the field, soaked to the skin, and surrounded it.

C. The wet, as far as he was concerned, was ideal.

D. There, sure enough, stood Claudius, looking like a debauched Roman emperor under a shower.

(a) DCBA

(b) BDAC

(c) BADC

(d) BACD




A. Alex had never been happy with his Indian origins.

B. He set about rectifying this grave injustice by making his house in his own image of a country manor.

C. Fate had been unfair to him; if he had had his wish, he would have been a count or an Earl on some English estate, or a medieval monarch in a chateau in France.

D. This illusion of misplaced grandeur, his wife felt, would be Alex’s undoing.

(a) ACDB

(b) ABDC

(c) ACBD

(d) CABD



A. The influence is reflected the most in beaded evening wear.

B. Increasingly, the influence of India’s colours and cuts can be seen on western styles.

C. And even as Nehru jackets and Jodhpurs remain staples of the fashion world, designers such as Armani and McFadden have turned to the sleek silhouette of the churidar this year.

D. Indian hot pink, paprika and saffron continue to be popular colours, year in and year out.

(a) BADC

(b) ABCD

(c) BCAD

(d) DABC





21 (b)
22 (a)
23 (b)
24 (c)
25 (a)


21. B. introduces a figure walking slowly, a. describes it, D. states that Annete followed the figure with a triumph of recognition, and C. tells us the name of the figure and states that ‘she’ followed him.

22. C. states that learning is important, A. states that in contrast today unlearning is the real challenge, D., followed by B. state why unlearning is a real challenge.

23. B. states that ‘we’ reached the field soaked, D. states that Claudius was standing there, C. states the effect of being wet on Claudius, and A. elaborates on it.

24. A. states that Alex had never been happy with his origins, C. states what he would rather have been, B. states what he tries to do to rectify the facts, and d. show his wife’s reaction to his actions.

25. B. states the influence of Indian colours and cuts on western styles, A. states that it is seen most on the beaded evening wear, D. tells us the most popular colours and A. states how the international fashion scene has been affected by the Indian outfits.

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