Not a long time passed, we used to see a bunch of stacked crowd from the not so developed community indulging in slavery or labour intensive tasks. A structured system was practiced from ages. Such classes weren’t even allowed a small amount of comfortness by their foremen. But times have taken a turn. The so called reserved have tossed up in front, beating the odds, making it to the top. But with cut throat competitions on, and financial pressure along with personal desires, have again put people from such backgrounds in a fix. Schooling is an easy task, high schools are even more friendly to cope up with, but the real fear is ‘What next?’ The general class is always in the search for a reason to crush these innocent people. Even the family is worried about the dearest one’s future. With all this pressure on head, do you think they will be able to cope up with this economy?

They can opt for a branch of livelihood, where only the toughest survive, the smartest dominate and the sharpest shines. The so called branch ‘Sports’. Reports have shown that there are wide chances for a sports quota student coming for a reserved category then from the general. This basically shows the basic trend of the society. The people said to have a upper hand in a society opt to educate themselves, where as other classes think of improving themselves in the fields of art, performance, sports or culture. As the preceders have set a mind set, the descendants follow them, ignoring education to the likes of other field of interest, we have seen many backward classes students, indulging more towards co-circulars then studies.

Sports being a major factor in this, influences them a lot to slip away from the studies. And why not? It isn’t necessary that each and every person should come out as a board topper. Why can’t a person try his luck in sports? After all, rewards are huge there as well. A person thinks, if he can excel in sports, what is the need for him to go with studies and face the burden of community. As the ‘backward’ tag always goes everywhere with these people even after India being secular, it becomes stringent for them to cope up with the corporates. Instead they think to switch roles and find a team of good hope in sports, a fraternity that understands him, they gets camouflaged easily with him, that feels like family to him.

We have even seen some the the greats of there times, going against all odds, touching the feat, which other may even fear to dream. And the best evidence of this, coming from a small town of Ranchi, a small long hair boy, probably the best goal keeper of his school team, only a cruel heart can not appreciate the story of a bus conductor to World Cup winning captain. Yes, its none other that, Mahendra Singh Dhoni. Shocked?

Not satisfied yet? There is another wonder boy straight from the roots of Tinkitan in Sikkam, who emerged as one of the greats in the history of Indian Football. You guessed it right! Its none other that, Baichung Bhutia! This man really has an ankle of steel.

Whether these non-influential people find sports as their primary source of excellence or they need to go up with academics as their first priority? Well, we can just put a joint together, but only be time can tell us what the consequences would be!



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