1)      Cultural background moulds the personality in an individual. Discuss?


2)      Discuss the impact of Indian cultural heritage on youth today?

3)      Explain the distinctive characteristic of Indian ethos & explain how they are important to professional manager?

4)      ‘Unity of Diversity’ is one of the most important features of Indian ethos .Do you agree & Discuss?

5)      Is there a conflict in the value system of east & west? Make a comparative study?

6)      Make a comparative study of values practiced in Japan. India & America?

7)      “To be successful, a professional manager should have the PACE of WEST & GRACE of EAST? Make a comparative study?

8)      Explain the GUNA theory of personality?

9)      Distinguish between Role personality & True personality?

10)  Define & Explain yoga?

11)  What is meditation (DHYANA)?

12)  Critical analyses the leadership style of any two of Indian industrialist?

13)  Describe the concept of transformational leader & give an Indian example?

14)  Describe the concept family managed business & karta leadership in brief?

15)  Distinguish between transactional & transformational leaders?

16)  Distinguish between Indian & Western style of Motivation?

17)  How can Indian motivation theory be applied to boost the efficiency of a business manager?

18)  Analyses the concept of inspiration & motivation in the Indian context & compare them with the western concepts?

19)  Do you believe Indian society is a traditional society which believes in confirming to Indian values?

20)  What is the status of women in modern India?

21)  What is the significance of these festivals in the social & cultural life of an Indian?

22)  How do an Indian management thought harmonize human values, environment, culture & society?

23)  Distinguish between Traditional & modern day learning system of education?

24)  What are the different mechanisms of learning?

25)  Make a comparative study of the traditional & modern day system of education?

26)  How is there unity in diversity in Indian culture?

27)  What is your understanding of the term ‘Religion’?

28)  What is spirituality & how it is different from Religion?

29)   Explain the concept of MAYA as given in Guru Granth Sahib?

30)  What is the meaning from DHARMA & how it is different from Religion?

31)  What is the difference between Dharma & Swadharma?

32)  Explain briefly the law of KARMA?

33)  What are the implications of Nishkam karma?

34)  What do you mean by corporate karma?

35)  What is Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam? What is the need for such a concept for the youth of today?


36)  Conceptual :-   Rin system of motivation, Ananda, perushartha model, Quality of work.


 P.S. These are only likely questions and not the only questions to be studied for exams. Please go through other topics as well 🙂

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