India became Independent on 15th August, 1947. Since then till date, What has changed ? The rupee which is constantly loosing its value, when it was $1 = rs.1 and now when it has risen upto Rs. 64-65. From the people who kicked Britishers out of India to get the freedom ,to those countries who killed our Brave Jawans whenever they feel like doing these things.From being the richest country ever, to being the most corrupted nation at present who is having about $4 lakhs crore in swiss bank , which if bought to India, each person would get 3lakhs each. From the way the films are being presented, how it was in old days and how it has now become a business where people do anything they can to get fame and money.From rising population to unending suicides. From growing rape crimes to the caste divided nation. A country where it takes years and years to get justice. From unlimited scams, to ministers who get away from such doings.


India was a great country , but due to misleading leaders it has become such a country which has lost its value completely. A change has to be bought, has to be made. Leaders of the today’s generation do not have the will to sacrifice anything for our Mother India, but can go down on knees for some agreements to be made with powerful countries. Big change can only be bought when 65% of the youth of India takes oath to destroy all these things which are a hurdle in our way of development, put aside the generation gap, the differences between caste and creed. When each one of us will contribute a little , it will become an ocean, Ocean of Development which will mark a creation of same Powerful Indian Country as it was before 1950’s

We all on this Independence Day, take an oath to make India a better play to Live, Where brotherhood will be cherished, Womens will be respected.

“If our country is worth dying for in time of war let us resolve that it is truly worth living for in time of peace.”

Jai Hind !!!! Happy Independence Day !!!

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Visshal T Sawant

Masters in Human Resources with 3 years+ of experience in HR. Currently working with Capgemini as an HR Business Partner. Contributing to other's success is a small medium to educate people about our knowledge. Let's be a part of other's successful journey & make them Happy. Inspire & Grow !!!

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