IMTP Revision questions:-

  1. Explain the features of Indian ethos/core values/cultural heritage.
  2. Compare and contrast Indian ethos/ Indian ethos with that of other countries.
  3. Explain the nature synthesis/ harmony with nature/oneness or collective consciousness between a man, society, organization, nation, life. Offer suggestions to define the role of modern entrepreneurs in maintaining the ecological balance.
  4. Distinguish between the traditional/Vedic/Indian/gurukool system of learning and modern/western system of learning.
  5. Explain inner peace with yoga and Indian ethos. How does it help in stress management?
  6. Explain the doctrine of karma.
  7. Give impact of Indian ethos on improvement in productivity/managerial effectiveness and impact on youth today.
  8. Explain the types of Indian leadership styles. List the qualities of ideal leader with examples on Indian corporate.
  9. Explain leadership theories and state which theory is useful in India.
  10. Explain the techniques of learning
  11. Explain the Indian motivation theory.
  12. Explain conflict management, its types and methods to resolve conflicts.
  13. Explain Indian ethos and management styles VS management style of china and Japan.
  14. What are the hallmarks of good strategy relating to the establishments of value? Link this to the cases like those of Enron and stock exchange scams in India.


Concepts (3 marks)

  1. Swadharma
  2. Dharma VS religion
  3. Self-actualization and self-realization
  4. Values and skills
  5. SRT guna theory
  6. Corporate social responsibility/corporate accountability
  7. Corporate governance
  8. Detached involvement
  9. Learning organization
  10. Business ethics
  11. Organization culture
  12. Work ethics VS ethics in work
  13. Culture
  14. Deepest truths
  15. Depersonification
  16. Guru VS mentor
  17. Moksha /bliss/eternal happiness/akhand anand/ satchitanand/self-realization/salvation
  18. Role personality VS true personality
  19. Gandhian trusteeship concepts
  20. Yatha raja thatha praja
  21. Mind stilling
  22. Raj guru as ethical advisor
  23. Concept of man
  24. Qualities of CEO as a king
  25. creativity



  1. Shahzad ansari 8 years ago

    Thanx for help. Imtp is very tuff subject with me. Plz help me and giving me imp question

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