Today’s results declared are NOT revaluation results.


It is AMENDED results i.e. those who have got ATKT in Financial Management and had scored 14 and above have been declared PASS.

Those who have got less than 14 have NOT been considered on this result. They have to appear for ATKT exams.

Those who failed in 2 subjects also will not be considered. They have to appear for ATKT exams.

Revaluation results are not yet declared and the revaluation process has just started now, it will take atleast a week’s time for all subjects. Photocopies are available and students can collect them.


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  1. Shawn Langford 6 years ago

    this is an utter outrage. first off, they don’t say which result it is. then a bias that only those who failed only in one subject are considered for the 10 marks grace? why? aren’t the others entitled for that grace? only those who failed 1 subject suffered in the FM exam? the others didn’t?

    if the university wants better results then they should have a competent system. if your system itself is flawed, how can you expect better results?

    if the university would have released these results earlier instead of giving false reports in the newspaper and creating a saving grace image of themselves and raising unnecessary hopes for the students involved, then maybe we would have had time to prepare.

    and now they’ll blame us again if we’re not able to pass the kt exam.

    3 of my friends have got the same mark. out of the 3, 2 passed in this “AMENDED RESULT” nonsense while the other has failed.

    i got 15 in FM prior to this nonsensical episode. according to the “confirmed facts” that were released in the paper i should have been awarded the 10 marks

    and i admit pleading for these marks may seem base. but if the university wants a better response they should have given complete details.

    1. the amended results will be declared first (including the definition of amended according to them is)

    2. inform that those who fail in 2 or more will not fall in the saving grace category

    3. give a bloody fixed date for result declaration and for heaven’s sake stick to it!

    when we submit our assignments late we’re penalized with reduced internal marks, but how is the university penalized when they cause such confusion and delayed results?

  2. Frustrated 6 years ago

    MU…! Y does all stupidity is done by you ?
    I mean ppl here are born stupid… Or u love playing with us..?
    First of all y u published circular saying 9 and 9+ students are passed ?
    Secondly cant you revale the papers asap??
    Cant you declare the exact date ?
    Wat happened to your 9+ decission ?
    Cant you say what exact decission you wanna take regarding FM ?
    Last question why the hell are you fucking bastard..!

  3. whatthehell 6 years ago

    “Those who failed in 2 subjects also will not be considered. They have to appear for ATKT exams.”

    WTF??!! That’s not fair!!

  4. Felicia Angela Lobo 6 years ago

    Mumbai university i guess you’ll have seriously lot it
    you’ll don’t even know what results are you’ll declaring
    it’s been 2 months we are waiting for the revaluation results and this is what we have got
    why are you’ll playing with our futures
    and for so any months what were you’ll doing
    no proper education system at all
    it’s disgusting.
    If pass then pass everyone don’t be partial this is unethical behaviour
    we study management and this is how you’ll mange the system
    now the process of reval has started great when it’s already high time for the ATKT exams to start
    and 6th sem boards this month end.

  5. Rajan Dubey 6 years ago

    its results are so confusing so will u give me revelation result fast .and also give to 10marks in grace to other subject .if mumbai univercity do not this we will go for consumer court..iits so bad news for othes sub kt students….

  6. Nelson Pinto 6 years ago

    This is complete utter rubbish!!!!!
    ok amended in what way..???
    You MU ppl r say that all will get a chance, Bullshit !
    ok 14 n above have passed that means if a person getting 13 is penalized jus for 1 mark and has to wait for the revaluation results
    If such was the case you should have postponed the KT exams ahead so that the students would know whats the situation of their results so that they would be better prepared.!
    U’ll have already made the students lives miserable and add insult to injury.!!
    The MU has become down graded and has gone to retarted dogs who Don’t Know crap
    adding to the suffering of the students at large.
    I just hope the reval results come soon….

  7. Pooja 6 years ago

    What is wrng with u MU.
    For God sake just learn to take a decision and stop being partial when the mistake is from your side.
    Its been high time you guys are deciding and what the hell have ull decided from the last 2 months!
    14 n above have passed that means if a person getting 13 is penalized just for 1 mark and has to wait for the revaluation results.
    Atleast postpone the ATKT exams for FM until the revaluation results are out.
    Amd please let us know the passing marks for revaluation ! I hope it is 14!! and then when we get the internal race and we clear. reply asap.

  8. Pooja 6 years ago

    i have also get 13 marks in fm but i have clear the all subject in full marks than university don’t give one 1 gress mark ? rpy m

  9. vishal 6 years ago

    hi m vish… i have atkt in fm sem five … yet not cleared… i want to give exam in oct.. can any one guide me when i have to apply atkt form in college?

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