Some Important Question for Business Ethics and corporate Governance


Q1) Concepts

1)    Altruism

2)    Child labor

3)    ILO

4)    Swadharma

5)    Shareholder v/s stakeholder

6)    Ethics v/s law

7)    Green marketing

8)    Commandments of Computer Ethics.

9)    Audit Committee

10)                       Sustainable reporting

Long answers:-

  1. Explain Purshartha in detail? Does Pursharta exist in reality today?
  2. Does the study on Business Ethics is restricted to books only ? Provide your views on the same
  3.  Do you agree an manger can never be an Entrepreneur but an entrepreneur can be manager ? Justify
  4. “External stake holders are more important than internal stake holders” justify the given statement?
  5. Highlight the recently opened scam of NSEL? What were the main reasons for the happening of this scam?
  6. Explain the ethical standard in global Marketing?
  7. What are the Unethical Practices followed in advertising of a product ? Highlight the most unethical advertising according to you ?


  1. Recommendation reports of Different committees on Corporate Governance?
  2. Highlight the unethical environmental practices in Indian and western countries?

Short Notes:-

  1. Clause 36
  2. Clause 49
  3. Objectives of Disclosure
  4. Whistleblowing
  5. Inside trading
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