Refer the book of Arvind Dhond


1) Profit maximisation v/s Wealth maxmisation (pg 10)

2) Profit v/s profitability (pg 10)

3) Trading on equity (pg 17)

4) Gross working capital (pg 26)

5) Net working capital (pg 26)

6) MPBF (pg 35)

7) Credit analysis (pg 84)

8) Credit rating (pg 85)

9) Opportunity cost (pg 87)

10) Motives of holding cash (pg 111)

11) Types of float (pg 115 and 116)

12) Cost of capital (pg 161)

13) Marginal cost of capital (pg 161)

14) Indifference analysts (pg 205)

15) Financial break-even (pg 204, 205)

16) Operating and financial leverage (pg 237)

17) Capital rationing (pg 279)

18) Average rate of return (pg 290)

19) Net present value (pg 293)

20) Discounted payback period method (pg 296)

21) Intrinsic value (pg 393)

22) First charge and second charge (pg 453)

23) Fixed charge and floating charge (pg 453)

24) Pari-passu (with equal pace)

25) Commercial paper (pg 464)

26) Types of lease (pg 471)

27) Inter-corporate deposits (Pg 471)

28) Credit rating (pg 472)

29) Letter of Credit (pg 474)

30) ADR (Pg 475)

31) GDR (Pg 475)

32) Securitisation (Pg 479)

33) Credit risk and credit default risk (Pg 480, 481)


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