Effective advertising refers to informing the public about the right product at the right time through the right medium. Conveying a right message through a wrong medium at the wrong time would definitely a waste of resources. For e.g. cigarette advertising. The target market for this is man in the age group of 25-60 years. The advertiser would consider placing ads in magazine having a predominantly male readership. Advertising in magazines having a predominantly female readership would be mostly wasteful for this product. It may be true that rarely does any magazine have a 100 % male readership. Therefore, the right media selection is the crux of the success of the entire advertising campaign.


The effectiveness of a well-designed advertising message depends upon ―when‖ & ‖where‖ it is realised. There are ―time‖ &‖place‖ decisions. In short we may say that the success of advertising depends upon the right selection of media, the timely release of the advertisement message, it‘s frequency and continuity, and the place of its release.

To get the most out of the advertising rupees sent, the primary concern of the advertiser is media selection. The cost of buying space or time is weighed against the number of audience secured by such advertising. Media ability covers such qualitative values as audience characteristics, editorial personality, and contribution to advertising effectiveness; above all it refers to ―media image‖ capable of enhancing the perception and communication value of a given message. For e.g. channel A and channel B deliver the same message and the same extension of advertising exposure to the same audience; but if say, channel A has a better reputation for honesty and good editorials,

the advertisement in this may receive a higher perception and communication among its audience than if it is inserted in channel B.

The specific positioning of the ad in the newspaper improves demographic selectivity. For women products, the fashion page or the food page may be more desirable, whereas for men‘s products, many advertisers specify the sports page. Many newspaper offer split run facilities. The split run is a process by which alternate copies of the same newspaper are printed with different ads for the same product. Normally, the location of ads in both the editions is the same. The newspapers do charge extra for this split-run service.

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