N.B.: 1) Section I is compulsory. (60 marks)
2) In Section II solve any 3 out of 4 questions. 2hrs.

Section I
1. Concepts: (15)
1. Horn Effect.
2. Job Rotation
3. Role Playing
4. Central Tendency
5. Vestibule Training

2. Case Study: (15)
a. Mr. Kishore is a Branch Manager of Indian Bank at one of its village branches. Very often Mr. Kishore was left alone in the bank after 5 p.m. to tally accounts, day books, and complete all other formalities.
On 30th December, Mr. Kishore was working till past 2 a.m. tallying the accounts since hardly one day he was left for closing the accounts for the year. On this fateful night, the Branch Manager was attacked by a band of robbers, who looted Rs. 5 Lakh after brutally wounding Mr. Kishore’s right hand, which had to be amputated later. After his recovery, the Branch Management was of opinion that Mr. Kishore violated the job specification by working beyond the stipulated hours of work. He, in the view, was not entitled to any compensation as the accident occurred during non- employment hours. They also called for an explanation as to why the amount lost cannot be recovered from his salary and Provident Fund.

1. How do you justify the bank’s stand in this case? (4)
2. What modifications do you suggest in job specification to overcome such incidents in future? (3)
b. Mr. Joes, an Andhra boy aged 22, has been working as an officer in the Indian Bank, Mumbai branch since 1996. He loved Miss Kiranmayi, a Tamallian girl working as an Engineer in Chaitanya Engineering Company, Mumbai, and married her in September, 1977 though their parents did not agree to this marriage. They did not have any assistance from any side. Mrs. Kiranmayi was pregnant and applied for maternity leave in September, 1998. Her employer granted leave and provided her all the benefits to be provided legally and sanctioned her, an additional amount of Rs.5000 for extra medical care. She faced various health problems two weeks before and one week after the delivery. Mr. Joes also applied for paternity leave in October, 1998 for three weeks and requested his employer to grant a leave as he ought to help and render physical and psychological support to his wife as there was none to help his wife. Branch Manager of the Indian Bank, Mumbai branch, forwarded this letter to the Head office with adverse comments. The letter was sent to the Chief Personnel Manager and to the Legal Advisor of the Bank. However, the General Manager of the bank has to finally settle the issue.

1. What is the peculiarity of this case? (4)
2. How would you settle the issue, if you were the General Manager of the Bank? (4)


Section II (Each question of 10 marks)

3. Explain 360 degree performance appraisal.

4. What are the steps in Selection Process?

5. What are the sources of Managerial Recruitment?

6. Job Description VS. Job Specification.

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