Times of India Report –


MUMBAI: The human resources management paper of third year Bachelors in Management Studies held on Friday was leaked.

While around 10,000 students appeared for the exam conducted by Mumbai University, it later emerged that some students had allegedly procured the question paper on Thursday night. The university has set up an inquiry panel and filed a complaint.

At 10 am on Friday, the university’s examination controller received text messages informing the code of the question paper for Friday, along with the questions.

“We thought it was a rumour. But when the question paper bundle was opened at 10.30 am, we found the questions were the same. The board of examinations will meet on Sunday to discuss the course of action,” said controller Vilas Shinde.

He added that vice-chancellor Rajan Welukar had asked the department to take stringent action against those found guilty.

“The board of examinations will decide if a re-exam was required for this paper,” added Shinde.

Students are already upset about the delay in the schedule. A student from a Sion college said, “Our exams were first slated for October. After being postponed thrice, the exams finally started in November-end. We do not want a re-exam now.”

Sadaf Aboli, president of the Mumbai Pradesh Youth Congress, received a call at 2.30 am on Friday.

“I was told that copies of question papers were being distributed outside a college in Bandra. I called the examination controller. But it was only at 1 pm when students stepped out of the hall, that it was confirmed that the paper had been leaked,” said Aboli.


Source – http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/mumbai/3rd-year-mgmt-paper-leaked/articleshow/10877261.cms


Hindustan Times Report –


The University of Mumbai is investigating a possible leak in a Third Year Bachelor of Management Studies (TYBMS) paper that students took on Friday. Hours before students appeared for the Human Resources Management paper in the morning, National Students’ Union of India (NSUI) members said they had received text messages from an anonymous source listing out questions that would appear in the exam.

Around 10,000 students appeared for the paper, the last one of the fifth semester’s exam.

HT compared the questions mentioned in the message with the actual exam paper: all six questions across both sections of the two-hour long, 60-mark paper were the same.

The University has set up a committee to investigate the matter. “We heard rumours in the morning and we have taken the matter very seriously,” said Vilas Shinde, controller of exams. “We will take strict action if this is true. We need to find out where it has leaked, who leaked it, how it happened.” He said the committee would announce its decision in two days.

“The university should ensure that honest, hardworking students do not suffer,” said Suraj Singh Thakur, state president of the NSUI. “It has become easy to indulge in such wrongdoings because the university employs so many temporary staff members nowadays who are unreliable.”

Source – http://www.hindustantimes.com/India-news/Mumbai/Mumbai-varsity-probing-mgmt-course-paper-leak/Article1-774117.aspx




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  1. pooja 9 years ago

    we dont want re-exams. it will affect our 6th sem wen wil v do that… as it is 5th sem was too late…

  2. Bhagyesh Kataria 9 years ago

    If they r planning for re exams they shud conduct all the exams again..as according to my knowledge even logistics paper was leaked ..& i doubt even others now..

    It is the mistake of university & i dont think that students should suffer for it..

    Already exams got postponed twice & in addition to that re-xams..?? University is not even able conduct exams ..

    I even regret to those students who participated in leaking paper..students like us will be quite annoyed & dissapointed who study sincerely & after that they watch themselves with the performance of (leaking students)..

  3. amol 9 years ago

    even logistics paper was leaked ,i saw many people having the questions with them which were texted to them by someone.

  4. Sanket 9 years ago

    Its really sad who is responsible for this scenerio students are not guilty management should be guilty.
    Do strict checking but no re exam its a wastage of time for students.

  5. Ashwini Nagalkar 9 years ago

    This is not the right solution..To take re-exams of all the subjects.. What assurance ? The second time it won’t happen.It might just.. This semester has been never ending by postponing it over and over again..And then this happens?I mean seriously why make the ones who actually studied hard,suffer? Please find a fair solution to this.

  6. yugandha 9 years ago

    re-exam is not solution…..why i suffer in spite of giving all papers honestly…there should be some innovative decision which will be fair for all….n all paper was leak not only HRM…:(

  7. AMS 9 years ago

    due 2 some people its not fair to punish all the students!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    re-exam must not be there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Aniket s 9 years ago

    All papers leaked . . . Last 4 . . . 100% sure. . . Held reexam again. . . O/w just declare result quick as possible 4 our 6th sem. . . Held re exam again nt only hrm leaked alllll. . .leaked . . . If only hrm then it unfair w8 honest student like us. . . Held reexam again & take proper care abt privacy of set of Q.P.

  9. mousah khan 9 years ago

    university is responsible for alll dis thing ….all d corruption start from der ….den only it happen ..unniversity has to secure paper frm leaking why wee suffer from dis …u made mistake for a some amount to money ur people hav done this thing …..first u hai toooo prepare ur system coreectly den take retest……………fucking system and corrpution inside

  10. dhananjay 9 years ago

    areee plz fir se nahi yar pahile hi fm itna hard tha ki ATKT fix huwa hai or ab fir se lanahai to sab subjects lo but ek nahi plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  11. Mangesh Kadam 9 years ago

    either there should check HRM paper strict… . . or there should be re-exam for all the subjects… . . this would be fair…i think last 3 papers was leaked……. . . . . . university is responsible for all dis thing bcoz f poor management.. .. . v don’t agree with this.. . . an take strict action on those who involve in leaking… . . . .

  12. prasad 9 years ago

    plz take all the paper again not only hrm but some of the students saying last 4 papers are leaked so plz re-exam all otherwise all honest students will be suffer

  13. IBRAHIM KHAN 9 years ago

    well, truly … its unfair to conduct an exams again …..
    we r not guilty so y v suffer …..
    very short time left for sixth sem…. exams postponed twice … the paper of hrm even got postponed from 18 to 25th of nov …. hence , management shuld b guilty for it n exams shuldnt b conducted again …. noway … we will protest !!!

  14. Craig 9 years ago

    Dear fellow students,

    This morning, the MU announced its decision to retake the HRM paper tentatively during mid December- ‘Indeed, a weak choice on their path’. Giving a re-examination is not a solution. In fact, it is an irrational and unthoughtful decision. Here’s why:

    > The exams were initially scheduled for October end. Now, it has been stretched to Dec.- That’s 2 months! Better start studying for Semester 6 guys or be prepared to give that exam late into May since there wouldn’t be any time.

    > The papers getting leaked is by no means, the fault of the Students. It is entirely the responsibility of the University to secure their confidentiality and WE must not pay the price for their INEFFICIENCY.

    > What the Board isn’t able to see is the fact that a lot of students like myself are appearing for the GMAT and TOEFL entrance exams, as well as MMAT for MBA during this period. These dates were selected so as to not coincide with the INITIAL Schedule of the BMS exams which were to be held in October. These exams are very expensive(INR12,500 for GMAT) and require months of preparation. Moreover, December is the latest one can give these exams since the results need to be submitted to the University a year in advance.

    > The reason the Board has decided to implement this decision is precisely because they think we are WEAK and they know that we will remain sitting ducks and just give in without any rebellion. Why doesn’t such an incident occur in the case of Engineering or Medical examinations? It’s because they wouldn’t DARE let it happen- Such is their strength and we ought to show it too by standing up for our own welfare.

    > If we do agree to a re-exam for HRM, it wouldn’t be long before they start announcing re-exams for the other papers as well because lets be realistic- We all know what happened and they will figure it out ultimately. So technically, i must be eligible to ask for a re-exam in Logistics as well since the paper didn’t go too well? Similarly, Students have the right to make such claims for all papers that were apparently leaked and all would be legitimate. And if they do not pay any heed to such plea’s, then HOW is this fair?

    > Also, we know that the board does not have the technology to secure the papers completely as yet. So what if they were to be leaked again? Would we be prepared to give yet another re-exam?

    All said and done, It is not entirely correct for us to just make such claims without providing appropriate and effective solutions for the same as well. We understand that the board is undergoing a lot of stress at this time.. Our only request- Please be a little empathetic and do not take a decision under pressure. Rather think it over and take one that will cause minimum inconvenience to the students and benefit them. So as we learn in BMS day in and day out, here are a few measures that the board can take to correct this problem. We hope you accept these suggestions:

    (On consultation with many an upset student)

    > Since we know that the HRM paper was leaked, why not strictly moderate those papers that recorded marks higher than 40-45 ONLY IN THE THEORY QUESTIONS viz Q1,3,4,5,6, NOT INCLUDING THE CASE. The ideology is that those who had acquired the papers earlier would obviously have written near perfect answers that supervisors will clearly be able to identify. Also, they can judge the students true capability by evaluating the contrast in the way the CS was answered. In this way, someone who scores a full 45 in theory can be properly moderated and justice can be delivered. Lets be honest- the ones who are complaining are the those whose papers didn’t go too well or want those who cheated to score less than them. So if you know your going to secure less than 40 in theory, you have nothing to worry about.

    > Another way to take corrective action is to judge the performance of students in the HRM paper based on their performance in other papers, but that would require a lot of effort by the University in comparing the papers.

    Whatever be the case, students must not be made to suffer. The decision is not yet final and if we all stand together and collectively oppose this decision, we CAN still prevent a re-exam. Remember, if it isn’t affecting you today, it will tomorrow. So PLEASE, those of you who genuinely understand the issue and are sensitive to everyone’s condition, join forces against this and submit a petition to the Board TODAY, on behalf of as many students as you can convince. I know that i will and lets all do the same

    hoping for the best… Thanks for all your support- Now lets make it count.

  15. SAHIL 9 years ago

    hey bms students make a unity if all papers are held again then its good otherwise only hrm paper should not be taken again as its an injustice to us as all paprs were laked. so plzzzz have unity in your college

  16. SAHIL 9 years ago

    hey bms students make a unity if all papers are held again then its good otherwise only hrm paper should not be taken again as its an injustice to us as all paprs were laked. so plzzzz have unity in your college for not going for re exam as why should we suffer just becoz of some students.

  17. surendra 9 years ago

    make a unity against re-exam bcoz its just a waste of tym.bcz of that we will get very less tym for our VIsemester

  18. Jay 9 years ago

    Re Exams should not be conducted Bcoz it was not students Mistake…..It was University’s Mistake…..Y should students Suffer…

  19. taweek 9 years ago

    no re xam plz

  20. omkar 9 years ago

    Mumbai university still you have time to cancel our re-exam of HRM. if u want to take re-exam….then dont take re-exam of theory papers. take exam of FM or SSF both papers also leaked. theory subject boring to read.
    plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…… cancel re-exam of HRM……..

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