How about an ancient game that is played on a board be replicated in a life-size form? If you have never seen and played Snakes & Ladders in this gigantic form, why wait more come at Shikhar’13 and make the most of your time!




100 square feet of area, 100 numbers and one challenge. The challenge to start and finish; facing the hurdles of venomous snakes that drag you down and being endowed with the boon of ladders that swiftly push you up.

The boon of moving upward of-course has the hindrance of a task to be performed. The range of task differs according to the level of accomplishment.

The object of the game is to navigate one’s game piece, according to dice rolls, from the start (bottom square) to the finish (top-square), helped or hindered by ladders and snakes, respectively.

The game started with an enthusiastic person walking in to play, and the eagerness to play the game was reflected through his face expressions. The name of this cheerful person who was the first one to play this game on the very first day was Mohit Kapoor. And his luck favored him such that his dice rolled out on six on his very first try to start off with his game! Then he had to perform his first task of the game which would directly lead him to many numbers ahead, and his first task was a Tongue Twister which says “BLACK BAG, BROWN BAG” and he had to say this continuously for atleast five times without stopping even for a minute and he was very good at this tongue twister and he had succeeded to move steps ahead without facing much snakes which would had been proven harmful for him. And unfortunately when he reached the number – 36 a long snake bit him and he had to go all the way back to number 8 and that fear of losing the game made him worry this time. Then it took no more time for him to go through all the snakes which came in his way and reach on the number 59 where he had to face the last task of his game and the task was to dance using a prop and he spontaneously did that by taking his bag and dancing with it on a song which was been played, and the name of the song which he loved dancing was the song named “Aloo chat”. And after saving his life from all the snakes and after all the tasks which were present between numbers 1 to 100 he had won the game. He was really happy at that time as he was dancing of joy after winning thinking that his efforts did help him to win the game!

Now this time it wasn’t a single player who walked in to play the game but there were these two friends who walked in together as partners to play this game of snake and ladder. It seemed by their behavior that they were best buddies of each other, and their names were Rohit Sonavani and Vijay Kumar. But for them their luck was not as good as that of Mohit because they did not roll out six on their first try nor even on the second try neither on the third try. For Vijay it was not as easy as Rohit because he got a task to perform on very start of his game, and his task was to blow maximum 3 balloons in a minute and he was so good at it that he managed to complete the task in the given time and he had stepped few numbers ahead then that of Rohit.

Rohit was just going through without facing any task or any snake bite tasks which he performed. The worst part of the game between these two friends was the person (Vijay) who faced and performed all the tasks did not win the game and his friend (Rohit) for whom this game was like a cake walk won the game without facing any major hurdles. “Yaaaaaaayyyyy” was screamed loudly by Rohit after winning the game and while Rohit was in his own little happy world his friend Vijay came from behind and boxed him on his back but in a joking manner expressing his feelings after losing a game and even after facing all the tasks which came in his way.


Report by Riddhi

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