1. Which of the following is not part of ibsa – Argentina



2. Does IT matter written by? – Nicholas G. Carr


3. In this year Rs. 13,000 crore has been set aside for which NAVAL mission by our government? – Ins vikramaditya


4. Employment act5. gannymede moon of which planet…?? – Jupiter


6. which is not opec african countries? South Africa


7. FICCI president – Naina Lal Kidwai


8. headquarter of IRDE and – dehradun


9. Hunter commission – Jallianwala Bagh


10. Grey Painting belongs to which country? –


11. Bahuvivah written by? – ishvr chnd vidyasagar


12. Tropic of cancer n capricon – Which zone? – Torrid


13. blood group o is universal donor. it can not accept any other blood group than O. ans – O accepts from an O donor.


14. Which of the following missions was launched by NASA in 2012? Newton / Euclid / Edison – mission euclid


15.what is lucerne..??? stem,root,fungus – ans – fungus


16.for curbing terrorism and fraud activities..which organization is introduced?? anti money laundering


17. carbon cycle – photosynthesis


18.star twinkles due to? options were refraction, reflection, scattering, diffraction – REFRACTION


19. 1st thing to b done at cardiac arrest? – body massage


20.presidents rule is under which article? – 356


21. hq of forest institute – dehradun


22. OPEC IS SITUATED AT? – vienna


23. export surplus – ans – both A & B – value add in export+ stringent regulations on import


24. force – newton

pressure – pascal

energy- joule

power- watt


25   shell petroleum deal with which Indian company (ans – ONGC)

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    And nice work done here, appreciated.

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