GK Questions for CMAT 19th May Slot 2


19th may – slot 2
1.homeopathy from which country? germany
2.un secretary till 2006 ? koffi annan
3.national award winning actress? shabana azmi
4.tribe in andaman nicobar? jarawa
5.device used in computer for video processing? graphic card
6.world bank pres? jim yong kim
7.not a pm of india? zail singh
8.hampi? vijaynagar
9.acids contains? hydrogen
10.not a part of nsg group? iran
11.founder of walmart? sam walton
12.National income is estimated by ? central statistics organisation
13.Funny bone ? Ulnar nerve
14.which was the least affected country in euro debt crisis? finland
15.Angry birds creator ? Rovio
16.Final authority to take legal decisions in India ?? – SC
17.Largest jute producer state ? west bengal
18.which is d best conducter of electricity?? silver
19.olympic opening ceremony was known as? Isles of wonder
20.siem reap is located in ? ans cambodia
21.who regulates air transport services operating to/from/within/over India by Indian and foreign operators? ans: DGCA
22. TCP /IP protocol? Protocol for transmitting data over the internet
23.more car per car – tata
24.Rime of the ancient mariner – S T Coleridge
25.Which festival does not have a race ? Holi, Pongal, Sankranti, Onam

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