Ethics and Governance


Unit 1

  1. What is ethics and what are the features of ethics
  2. What are the objectives and importance of ethics
  3. Ethics vs law vs morality
  4. What are the types of ethics
  5. What are features of business ethics
  6. What are the importance of business ethics
  7. What are the principles of business ethics
  8. Explain the relevance of 3 c’s in ethics
  9. What role does government play to ensure compliance of ethics

Unit 2

  1. Elaborate with examples ethics issues in marketing and advertising
  2. Explain the code of ethics in finance/taxation
  3. Role of financial manager and what are his ideal traits
  4. Elaborate some types of corporate crimes
  5. List some of the corporate frauds that have occurred in india and what are the learnings from the same
  6. Role of SEBI in ensuring ethical standards
  7. What are some guidelines that ensure work place ethics
  8. What are the importance of work place ethics
  9. What is the importance of employee code of conduct
  10. What is the importance of ethical leadership

Unit 3

  1. What are the features of corporate governance
  2. What is the need for corporate governance
  3. What are the emerging trends in corporate governance in india
  4. Elaborate the Birla committee, Agency theory and Sterwardship theory of corporate governance
  5. Elaborate the regulatory frame work of corporate governance in india
  6. What are checks and balances on insider trading in India

Unit 4

  1. What is the need for CSR
  2. What are the key issues that organisation face while implementing CSR
  3. Write a note on SACHAR committee
  4. Role of business towards various groups
  5. What is social accounting and what are the objectives of social accounting
  6. Elaborate on the CSR initiatives taken by some organisations
  7. What are the ethical issues in international business
  8. What are the recent developments in CSR in India


Text books recommended

  1. Vipul Publications:- Riya Rupani
  2. Seth Publications:- Archana Prabhudesai

For any further clarifications and guidance for exams, feel free to contact Prof Vipin Saboo on 9820779873 (whatapp and call)

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