Volley Ball is a team sport in which two teams of six players are separated by a net. The game starts when the player of a toss winning team serves the ball behind the line boundary of the line of court over the net. The opponent team should not let the ball grounded within their court. The serve (rally) continues with both the consecutive teams until 1) the ball grounds the opponent court and wins the rally 2) when the team commits a fault. The team which wins the serve wins a point. Few faults are ball touching the ground, catching and throwing the ball, double hit, net foul and foot foul.


The match continues when both the teams start winning the goals. The teams that made it to finals were from Kandivali Education Society College. It was observed that the match started and their opponents started making points with a great start. But never the less KES pulled up their socks and returned with a bang. Team B won the 1st level and both the teams changed their courts. The match continued and in the 2nd level team A won. Now, it was the last chance for both the teams to showcase their talents because the winning team of that round would be declared as winners. So both the team was in hustle and bustle. The scores of both the teams were running parallel and it was last two serves left which would decide the winners. The match was of 25-25-11 points. Luckily, team A scored high and won the tournament with 1 point ahead.

The team players were asked to share their experiences about the match. Team A said that they expected that they would win the match but in the beginning when they started losing most of their players were demoralizing except the captain Meet who made them confident that they will win the match if played calmly and it was this which happened. While team B said that they had made some strategies before coming for the tournament but all went in vain when his team became overconfident after their great beginning and started playing in their own way rather following the strategies. Both the teams learnt some lesson and promised to come again with full confidence & knowledge.





Report by Freny Sachde

Pic Courtesy: Karan Saxena


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