1)    Qualities of entrepreneurs



2)    Classification and types of entrepreneurs


3)    Theories of entrepreneurship


4)    Economic theory of entrepreneurship


5)    Psychological theory of entrepreneurship.


6)    Contribution of McClellan with regard to Entrepreneurship.


7)    Identification of ideas.


8)    Classification of ideas.


9)    Importance of project formulation.


10) Project Report.


11) Stages in formulation of project report.


12) Objectives of Project Appraisal.


13) Significance of Project Appraisal.



14) Aspects of Project Appraisal.


15) Objectives of EDPs.


16) Phases of EDPs.


17) Need for SHGs


18) Advantages and disadvantages of ancillarisation.


19) Types of franchising.


20) Need for outsourcing.


21) Merger.


22) Acquisitions.


23) Takeover.


24) Social entrepreneurship.


25) Social responsibility of entrepreneurs.


26) NGOs.


27) Characteristics of NGO.


28) Types of NGOs


29) Strengths and weaknesses of NGOs.


30) Types of small scale industries.


31) Role and importance on SMEs.


32) Policies governing SMEs


33) New Policy initiatives in 1999-2000 for small scale sector.


34) Small sector industrial policy 1991.


35) Organisational structure of SSIs.


36) Venture Capital.


37) Seed Capital.


38) MODVAT Scheme.


39) Role of SIDBI in development of SMEs.


40) Marketing mechanism in SMEs.


41) Market Assessment.


42) Market segmentation.


43) Basis of market segmentation


44) Factors influencing choice of distribution channels.


45) Marketing research.


46) Marketing and selling.


47) Marketing problems of small scale units.


48) Export potential of SMEs.


49) Tax incentives for exports.


50) Problems of SMEs.


51) Turnaround Strategies for SMEs.


52) Characteristic of SMEs.


53) Objectives of SMEs.


54) Advantages of SMEs.

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