Whether you’re seeking your first apartment, or your 10th, the search process has a way of making you feel unprepared. It can be anything from the ambiguous language of Cragslist ads, the unfamiliar jargon of brokers, or the sheer number of apartments you’re forced to sift through, you just get tired of searching a rented apartment, more likely the house of your dreams.

Here are 8 things you experience while going on house hunting.

1. Finding a good broker is more difficult than finding a new house. Either that broker will take you on hunt during the hottest time of the day or make you suffer by visiting the places during peak hours.


2. Some houses you check have huge open windows in their bathroom! Why? Why would somebody sane really do that? You will really not want anyone to sneak out you in your bathroom.!

3. You happen to visit some real bad houses that you feel, the owner should have named it as ‘Horror house’ or maybe ‘ramshackle’ or ‘collapsing’ and you must be paid for even having a glance to it.


4. Every landlord you meet, interrogates you so much that you feel you have been picked by FBI for questioning!


5. At times, the houses you check haven’t been vacated. Therefore, you have to hop over some stranger’s dirty underwear or belongings to decide if you can reside in that place or not.


6. Also, you come across landlord’s ‘stupid stimulations’ like, ‘no non-veg’, ‘no late night coming’, ‘no friends’, ‘no loud music or dancing’!

7. Every house hunting session starts with the broker giving you a modest budget to select the rented apartment, but in the end of week you discover yourself checking out houses that are 5k-10k more than you can afford.


8. By the end, you realize that there is nothing such as a ‘perfect house’ or ‘house of your dreams’. Rented apartments do not offer perfect location or spacious rooms for that matter. If at all you get spacious rooms, the bathroom is shit or you might get a weirdo neighbourhood and soon and so forth!

-Tanvi Shah

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