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For all the girls out there.. If you could take a peek into a guy’s mind,would you? Do you want to know him better? Understanding a guy is not an easy task.. you have to dig into their minds to know how they feel, behave and think. As a guy, I know how hard it can be to express our feelings to a girl.

To make the world a better place to live in, Here’s the 7 things boyfriends wish girlfriends understood:

1- Guys hurt more

breakup gif

Just because we are manly,show our machismo,ego and pretend not to care does not mean we don’t get hurt.We really do get hurt,and to a greater level than you.If a guy’s experiencing a broken heart, it hurts him a lot more than you think. And the worst part, it sucks because no one else knows he’s crying inside other than him!

2- Space, dammit!

no space

If we sit alone by ourselves, it doesn’t mean that we have lost interest in you! C’mmon we need some personal space too. We didn’t fall in the relationship to endanger our personal space. So girls, just chill if you see your guy staring into an empty space or anything. It is the time when we really free our minds and relax.

3- Bragging rights


If you’re in a relationship with your guy,brag about him.But do not brag about any other guy,especially when you are around him.uys absolutely hate it when their girlfriend brags about how cool or rich another friend of hers is.

It makes a guy feel small and it definitely annoys him to no end. If you care about your guy, don’t speak highly of any other guy like he’s better than your boyfriend.

4- Interruptions

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We do not like interruptions! We really get annoyed when you interrupt our fav video game or movie. We know that our level of interest differ in those things ,but that doesn’t mean you have to disturb us. We wish girls understood this thing and stop getting annoyed or pick up a fight whenever they see us busy.

5- Guys like the attention

lil girl kisses a boy

We love publicly display of affection. It makes us feel way happier even if we don’t show it on our face.We feel on top of the world if you initiate it by clinging to our arm or snuggle up  even if we don’t reciprocate. It makes a us feel more like a man, because we feel like the protector.

6- Get to the point


We really hate those girls who makes up long and uninteresting stories. Guys like girls who talk straight to the point without roaming round and round. Whatever the problem is ,confront us,talk to us straight forward and you have just given us one more reason to fall in love with you, again.

7- We love you,even if we don’t say that too often!

i love u gif

Guys love girls more than they do.We aren’t always vocal about our feelings.But we feel more comfortable in letting you know that we love you by our actions more than words.

So girls,here are the 7 points you need to remember in order to make your relationship a living paradise 🙂

– Vatsal Doshi

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