Self-confidence isn’t an overnight acquisition, here are the five magic rules you need to apply in your daily life to build self confidence .

Rule no.1 write your insecurities in a piece of paper –

It can be anything from any regretful event or maybe physical flaw etc Whatever is pinching you at the back of your mind or making you feel unworthy, ashamed, or inferior, identify it, give it a name, and write it down.

Rule no. 2 Talk to your friends and loved ones about it.

You need to talk to your friends or loved ones about it …. but only genuine friends whom you trust completely and who would not make a mockery out of it

Rule no.3 Learn from your mistakes

Learn from your mistakes and move on . Remember that no one is perfect. Even the most confident people have certain insecurities. At some point in any of our lives, we may feel we lack something or we are incomplete .

Rule no. 4 Identify your strengths

Everyone is good at something and everyone is born talented .Express yourself, whether it’s through art, music, writing, etc and never think that will people accept you with your talents . Find something you enjoy. Everyone is born with talents and strengths

Rule no. 5 Be positive

Avoid self-pity, or the pity and sympathy of others and always be happy with what you are . Never allow others to make you feel inferior–they can only do so if you let them and do not let anyone control you and always keep smiling and be positive as to whatever happens always happens for good.


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