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Being a teenage girl, I’ve always had the thought of getting married and in my way! But it isn’t that simple. You can’t just pick a guy and marry him (especially in India). It’s a BIG life decision and our future depends on it.

So here’s a list of 10 things you might wanna do before getting married:

  1. Make sure he’s the Right One.

He might not be a perfect guy that you thought in your dreams, but he’s the right one if you’re happy when you’re around him.

  1. Don’t hide anything

Have a healthy discussion before you tie the knot about everything your partner needs to know about you. You must also ask all your questions and stuff you want to know about him, because remember “A relationship that starts with a lie does not last”.

  1. Have a Bachelorette Party

Why should boys have all the fun? Call your girlfriends and cousins home and organize one hell of a party you’d never want to forget! Because this might be the last chance.

  1. Plan a Mini-Vacation

Seen the movie Queen? Yes, plan a trip somewhere you’ve always wanted to go. May be alone, or ask your best friends to come along. Make it fun

  1. Tone your body

6-8 months prior your wedding day, start an exercise and diet schedule that will tone your body (not necessarily make you slim) just to get the right curves and shape because you wanna look the best of this day for sure..

  1. Save your Hair

Consult your skin specialist for the kind of treatment you can give your hair ‘cause the hair stylists won’t care. Opt for a protein/keratin treatment before so that you get the shine and volume by the time the D-day arrives.

  1. Get your Clothes Ready

All the heavy clothes and jewelry that you’re about to donned, must be perfect and you do not want any wardrobe malfunctions in front of all the people. So rehearse walking in your heels and how to carry your dress properly.

  1. Get the Right Sleep

You do not want to look all tired and consumed on your special day. Sleep right for a couple of weeks before your marriage to avoid dark circles and to get a natural glow on your face.

  1. Make lists

Make lists of all the things you require on that day so that you don’t leave out anything important in the hassle.

10. Smile and Stay Calm

If something goes wrong, it’s ok! You need not worry about it… the people around you will make it right. Smile, because it will make you look all the more beautiful and radiant!


– Meher Banga




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