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About Me Ms. Anuradha Prabhudesai Trained in Counseling Psychology from the University of Mumbai Area of specialization: vocational guidance and career counseling. Has an experience of conducting psychometric evaluations and assessments. Ms Anuradha has assisted in a research on competency mapping & assessment. She specializes in writing articles on psychological and related issues and has written for major newspapers like the Times of India, Midday, and magazines like My Doctor, Classroom and so forth. Anuradha was writing for the Education Times and was handling the Q and A column as well as the Coursing Along column. Over the 13 years has conducted career seminars and careers talks at different avenues such as colleges, schools and corporate houses. Anuradha has developed a comprehensive career database, which profiles careers and courses across India. Developing Customized Psychometric Tests for Organisations is a keen area of interest and has been part of a team in Disha , and has developed various tools for adult and student assessments.