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What exactly is a Bitcoin?? One might wonder. Well, A Bitcoin is a new online currency its been around since 2009 and off late has gained a lot of popularity .Today one Bitcoin is worth a  590.49 dollars .So here it is the advent of what they call cryptocurrency   in the world of Finance .A currency without an appeal from a central bank Does seem unappealing.Fear not we happen to live in the 21st century .A century of Advancements ..


How does a transaction take place using  a Bitcoin??

One can purchase Bitcoins through the following websites such as :



Both the websites offer a safe and secure way for a bitcoin transaction .However the latter website is based out of Europe  with direct payment  support for 87 banks in 11 countries.

How does on accept a Bitcoin??


One can accept Bitcoin through BitPay where in merchants can easily accept Bitcoins by payment just like visa not only that accepting bitcoin is as easy as sending an email .

But mentioned above were the features and advantages of Bitcoin let’s take a look on the disadvantage the functioning of a bitcoin transaction can come to a sand still if there is a government Intervention like in the case of India RBI has not approved the usage of Bitcoin not only that transaction  are uninsured and totally  irreverseble the Bitcoin e-Wallet could be prone to hackers and not only that unlike currency value that undergoes minor changes the change in the value of a bitcoin transaction is drastic which is one of the biggest risks that investors  face in Bitcoin transactions.

– Khyati Kotiyan


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