Ignorance is bliss, I never used to understand this phrase. When we were bit immature or a bit temperamental we gave back answers to the unnecessary people. We react to people who create unnecessary tension and stress in our lives.

After going through the same, I have understood that I must ignore some people and some  situations sometimes which are unnecessary in my life. And the difference it made in my life was remarkable.

Whenever we use to get teased in school we used to react on it, remember what it used to do? We used to always get teased back because we used to react. Whenever someone is teasing or purposely trying to make you react, do not react. It will create more problems.

I am not saying that you must not stand for yourself in trouble, I am saying that when you know that you can totally ignore the situation in which you are in then you must ignore it without giving it second thought, to avoid the problems.

In reality you will find many people who have a very bad personality in general. So no matter how much you will speak and talk to such people they will never ever change. So you must learn to ignore such people.

I know there is patience of  everything. There is a limit. One must know that. When that happens you can definitely speak for yourself, but before that you must ignore.

Talking to useless people makes no sense. You can give them chances but you know very few people live up to those expectations.

I am not telling you to ignore the problems you face in life but you can ignore some people or situations who will or have created problems in your life.

If you react to the people who have no importance in your life, you indirectly tell them that they have importance in your life.

There are times you can’t ignore some stuff how much ever you try to ignore it. If that would have been possible everyone would have been happy. But one can’t control everything. But we can definitely try.

During such times do not lose the patience and make mistakes, be thoughtful in such situation.

Being Temperamental is a big issue one can have because you tend to lose it quite often, during such times do things like counting numbers or singing your favorite song etc … There are many things you can do to prevent the anger.

Ignorance in right situation is blissful and in wrong situation is harmful.

Let patience control your mind than temper to know the difference it makes in your life.


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I like to live life to the fullest , this is the reason why I love to write about various things in life and about life in general.

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