Buying Behaviour of the Service Consumer


The customer mostly buys goods, services, people, places,-events, organizations, ideas, information and experiences. All these generally fall under goods 8’services. But the offers that they buy can be:

High Involvement offers

Low involvement offers/Impulse offers


High involvement service products have the following characteristics


  1. Complexity of features: If the servicer product has complex features, it will induce anxiety in consumers. They will take more time understand service product usage feature familiarization as well as internalization. Thus, a SLR (single lens reflex) camera preferred by professional photographers will induce higher involvement from the consumers than box cameras with only point-and-shoot features.


  1. High price: High pries of Service products will make consumers slow and cautious in their decision making. This is the reason why they will debate on the pros and cons of consumption d service transaction costs of a vacation, more than they would for a hair­cut.


  1. High perceived risks: A consumer perceives risk in consumption in two forms: bodily harm and financial loss. When Shalini goes for cosmetic surgery, she will perceive higher risk in the offer than for a routine facial.


  1. Large differences in features: If the consumers perceive that across a service category there are large differences in feature, then they would be highly involved. And if the situation is as in the home appliance industry where consumers really don’t perceive much difference between products then their involvement becomes low.


  1. Large number of users: If there are a large number of users for a service offer, like a family package tour, then there is going to be more participation and involvement from all family members. This is unlike when only one person is a consumer-like Pooja deciding to take a computer course during her school vacation.


  1. Enduring product: If the service offer has a long life span or has a longer lasting effect -like a time share purchase or selection of a school for child – then it will make the decision-maker highly involved.


  1. Reflects self-concept of the buyer: consumers are very much aware of their self-image-and either wants to maintain or change it. They do so by purchasing products and services hoping that by doing so it will reinforce their personality and self-image or help them acquire a new one. This aspect is so close to the well-being of consumers that they become highly involved with the purchase.


Low involvement service products have the following features:


  1. Low Price
  2. Less difference in features
  3. Simple features in the service product
  4. Does not reflect a consumer’s personality
  5. The products are of mostly daily needs
  6. Low brand loyalty
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