virgin or good girl


“OUR GENERATION PROBLEM? WE ALL TRIED TO GROW UP TOO FAST”.  We INDIANS consider ‘SEX’ as a holy thing. From generations we come across that having sex is only right after marriage and not before. As we all know that INDIA is considered as a developing country, people’s dressing & lifestyles etc are changing but their mentality towards the society is just the same. We can see that now a days guys are into dating and all and most of them have pre-marital sex with their loved ones but at the time when they have to marry a girl, at that time they all prefer to marry a virgin girl.

It is really annoying to hear that guys can have sex with whichever girls he wants to but a girl cannot because at the time of marriage if the guy comes to know that his girl is not a virgin then we can say that the marriage is broken but if the girls will start saying that even they want virgin boys then most of the guys won’t have any girl to marry them. In INDIA the youngsters try to adopt all the modern cultures and they think that having sex is not a big problem it is a type of expressing their love towards their lover but when the time comes for them to marry a girl, most of these cool types only prefer to have a virgin girl.  GUYS are being selfish…if the guys can have fun then why can’t we girls?

Frankly speaking it is hard for a guy to find out whether the girl is virgin or not unless she tells him or a test is been conducted. I agree to the fact that if a virgin boy wants to marry a virgin girl its quite fair enough because everything will be new even the guy won’t feel that he is not up to the mark if she was in a physical relationship with her ex-boyfriend. And frankly speaking marriage is not all about sex. It is a bond of mutual understanding, trust, love, caring for each other, supporting each other and helping each other out during the time of difficulty. Once a woman starts to fight with her husband due these problems then its quiet hard to solve the problem. So my dear girls if you think of having sex with you partner before marriage be careful because you are still in INDIA and YOU have to marry an INDIAN, so in order to avoid such circumstances try to be virgin because the INDIAN guys usually don’t prefer to marry a girl who is already been used by some other man!!!!!!!!!!!



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Hi, i am a girl who lyk to mke frdz n do crazy stuff. I lyk to write poems, dance & play badminton. U cn knw me n my thinking throughout my article.....

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