‘Building castles of dreams’
is my day and night passion. I can keep imagining possible to impossible, pleasing to weird things with open or closed eyes. And so adding one more to the list of my dreams, let me take you for a short trip in the world of my imagination.

Getting up in the morning is a daily ritual without which our day just won’t begin. Earlier, a new day would come with a new ray of hope for a beautiful life. But, in today’s fast pace world, a new day means yet another train journey, getting stamped by people around, another firing by boss, one more load of assignments by professors or yet another series of boring lectures…… No hope, no joy, no enthusiasm!

However, when I woke up one morning I saw, the non-living things in my bedroom giving me a wink and a smile. My mobile singing the ringtone of ‘Good Moring little Angel!’, my laptop starting on its own, giving me updates from my friends near and far, on Facebook and on Orkut. The clock ticking off but with my speed! My cupboard opening up and displaying each set of my clothes for me to select…And when I did, the dress was neatly ironed folded and kept ready along with all the accessories!

Happy with the wonderful events happening and sensing the magic in air, I got up from my bed. And there were my parents at the door! Wishing me ‘Good Morning, With most beautiful smiles on their face and not even a single line of worry on their forehead! Before I could come out of the surprise, I could hear them saying, “Dear daughter, we are proud of you! You’ve made us happy and given us so many reasons to feel ‘blessed’! Just keep following your heart and the best will come from you…

My heart danced in merriment and I gave a big hug to them! I thanked God for letting me live such a beautiful moment! I had already achieved most of my goals till the day and was positively sure of achieving more! My family believed in me and I was able to do justice to their love and care.

Stepping out of my house, I found people all with smiles and contentment everywhere. No fights, no jealousy, no anger, no worries, no hurry, no pressure! All filled with positivity and love for each other. No discrimination, no differences, all acting as one family, tied with the bond of humanity! As if the ‘Pandora’s box’ containing all negative emotions had been closed! The World had become a ‘beautiful place’ to live in once again, perhaps more beautiful than before! The mankind existed in harmony with nature! Modernization went hand in hand with Civilization! What else could one wish for!

And that’s where I went wrong! I stopped wishing for more, stopped praying for miracles! Being satisfied with everything I saw and felt the entire day, I did not wish to live more! And then…! I was transferred back to reality, back to the same old place, same problems, same tensed moments… and I realized the meaning of the quote “Restlessness is discontent and discontent is a necessity for progress” – Albert Einstein. Indeed, one should not stop hoping for more or climbing steeper yet higher peaks of success or you will fall prey to ‘boredom’ and ‘colorless’ life.

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