1)   Know Yourself:

Who are you? All of us are part of supreme power (GOD) & hence all of us have all the divine qualities like integrity, patience, courage, loyalty, forgiveness, service attitude i.e. mind so if you try  to develop our self by improving our qualities we will  not only make our self happy but also the society be live in.


2)   Individual development:


3)   Self Management & Self Development:

Self management is voluntary i.e. has to be done on your own

Mahatma Gandhi says several things destroy us –


1.   “ Wealth Without Work ”


2.   “ Pleasure Without Convenience ”


3.   “ Knowledge without Character ” i.e. Knowledge without politeness


4.   “ Commerce Without Morality ”


5.   “Science without Humanity” Science but employment is getting slower i.e. less vacancy due to modern technology i.e. less number of workers.


6.   “Religion without Sacrifice” i.e. provides charity or do nation“Politics without Principles” for example fight for voting’s etc.

If we get rid of all this qualities we can manage our self

4)   Holistic Approach To Life:

We should behave in same way of manner which we expect from others. Efficiency & effectiveness in an organization will increase only when there is co-operation team spirit & positive energy in employees.


5)   Sewa Or Service Attitude:

The person should have altitude of service providing & at the same time have happy face i.e. smile on organization should be service oriented & not profit oriented, provide best possible service to your entire customer.

“Where the mind is without fear” – Ravindranath Tagore.


6)   Self Sacrifice:

Self sacrifice refers to sacrifice of self ego. We should be ready to sacrifice for others.


7)   Team Spirit:

Treat work as YAJNA – together i.e. T- Together E- Everyone, A- Achieves, M- More.






























8)   Present Moment:

Think only about

a)    What is there in front of you at present?

b)   We cannot change the past or predict future.

c)    So have total focus & dedication present in situation.

d)   Do not take unnecessary stress of work, take it as a play.



9)   Perfection In Work:

Bhagwad Gita emphasizes on while doing your present duty we should use our judgment & perform with utmost concentration. Do work without expecting what will be the result.

“Do the works for the sake of your organization result will follow automatically”


10)        Self Motivation:

No one can encourage us for long. Nobody can encourage us more than our self. “Work should be worship”. If we love the work we do it will bring happiness & effectiveness. “Do what you love to do a& love what you are doing”


11)        Ends Do Not Justify Means:

Process to achieve ends what you earn does not tell how you earn. While earning a profit a business man should be careful that he follows the ethics & does not harm to the rights to stakeholders.


12)        Creator & Creation: 


Creator is Subjective

                                      Creation is Objective

Ethics & values are subjective quality i.e.  They cannot be seen but felt. Inputs & resources required for production are Objective i.e. they can be seen or felt. If management pays attention to both this quality & mixes them properly it would be best form of management.



13)        Day To Day A Balance Life:

Indian believes in spiritual power. Spirituality helps us to treat everyone equally, respect, love them and understand the. India hence there is a fine blend of spirituality with materialism. Bhagwad Gita says “Attachment is the root cause of all the problems”


14)       Bliss (Ananda): Happiness of Soul.

One should be equanimous i.e. accept pleasure and pain joys and sorrows is a part of life.

Dharma – Right

Artha – Money

Kama – Work

Moksha – Freedom

These are 4 Purusharthas of life. But while searching for Artha & kama one should be careful. Follow dharma (rightness) so that he can attain moksha (freedom from any salvation) which will make him blissful


15)        Dignity of Work:

Dignity of work is much important as far as Indian ethos is concerned. No work is great or small. Each work whether it is a peon’s job or General Manager’s job, is of equal importance, worthy & honorable. It lays stress on “Sarvabhutastha Atmanam Sarvabhutani Chatmani” which means to treat all as equals.




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