What Are The Activities Under Media Operations?


media operation

Meaning of media operation:

Media operations refer to the follow-up actions & activates that are carried out by the media operation departments.

Normally T.V., Radio & press are used as advertising media.


Activities under media operations:

  • Taking the approval of the client for media plan & the expenditure to be incurred on different media.
  • Booking time & space for advertising according to the media plan.
  • Preparing advertising copy or short tape recording message for radio & video film for TV advertising.
  • Giving final orders for radio announcement & TV announcements & press advertising.
  • Keeping watch on media as regards advertising work.
  • After due verification making payment to media as per the bills.
  • Under exceptional situation cancellation of booking of media time & space as per the provisions in the agreement with the media.
  • Getting approval of AIR & DD to the final tape or film prepared for announcement.
  • Looking after the preparation of sponsored programme in case the same is to be used as per the media plan.
  • Undertaking any other activity required for execution of the media plan.


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