TYBMS Sem 5 CBSGS 75:25 April 2016 ATKT Exam Results Declared on 20 July 2016



Mumbai University declared the Results for B.M.S. (Sem.-V) (CBGS) 75:25 held on APR 2016 on 20th July evening.

The results are updated on the university website: http://results.mu.ac.in/choose_noc.php?exam_id=3968&exam_year=2016&exam_month=APR

Students need to enter their seat number to obtain their ATKT results.

All the best and congratulations if you have cleared the ATKT exams.

If you have failed in your ATKT exams, do not lose hope as you can again appear for ATKT exams in October/November 2016.

If you have any queries related to TYBMS Sem 5 ATKT results, feel free to comment below.

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