If you are looking for TYBMS Environmental Management & Economics Sem 5 Syllabus of Business Ethics then your search ends here.


Teaching hours and Assessment Pattern of Business Ethics:

  1. No. of sessions of 90 minutes – 30
  2. No. of sessions of 90 minutes per week – 2
  3. Continuous assessment – 40 I A
  4. Semester end examination – 60 I A
  5. Total marks – 100
  6. Duration of theory paper – 3 hours
  7. No. of credits – 2

The detailed syllabus of Business Ethics is as follows:

Introduction to Business Ethics:

  1. Normative ethics, Prescriptive ethics and Applied ethics
  2. Ethics, morality and legality
  3. Concept of right and duty: business – western and Indian
  4. Perspectives, definition and scope: relevance in social changes
  5. Ethical organism and corporate code of conduct

Business Ethics – Conceptual Background:

  1. Conceptual approaches to business ethics
  2. Egoism vs Altruism
  3. Entrepreneur and Manager – Role and responsibilities
  4. Responsibilities towards stakeholders : an overview
  5. Profit-making: an objective with an ethical dimension.

Indian perspective of ethics:

  1. Purusharthas: Dharma, Artha, Kama, Moksha
  2. Concept of Dharma

Ethics: A Global Perspective:

  1. Ethics in Global Marketing and advertising
  2. Ethical perspective in employment including in the international labour organization standards
  3. Ethics and IT – E-commerce, privacy codes
  4. Environmental ethics: Indian and western perspectives
  5. Ethics and cross-cultural influences
  6. Ethical issues and functional aspects of business


The list of reference books of Business Ethics is as follows:

  1. An introduction to Ethics – William Lillie
  2. Wisdom Leadership: Dialogues and Reflections – S.K. Chakraborty
  3. The Power of Ethical Management – Kenneth Blanchard and Norman Vincent Peale
  4. In search of ethical leadership – R.M. Lala
  5. Living within – the yoga approach to Psychological health and growth – Sri Eurobond Ashram, Pondcherry
  6. Management and HRD – Dr. R.R. Khan
  7. Key management ideas: Thinking that changed the management world – Stuart Rainer
  8. Leadership chronicles of a corporate sage: Five keys to becoming a more effective leader – Susan J. Bethanis
  9. Indian Management emerging responses – R.R. Prasad, S.R.P. Shukla, Ashok Kumar
  10. Buried Treasure – Discovering and Implementing the value of corporate social responsibility – Caleb Wall – Greanleaf Publishing – 2008
  11. The Theory and practice of managerial ethics – Jayashree Sadri, Sorab Sadri and Dhun Dastoor
  12. An Introduction to Business Ethics – Joseph Des Jardins.


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