Top 5 Fashion Faux Pas One Must Avoid !!!



There are many Fashion Faux Pas one can avoid to make, but there are few in my mind one must know to avoid Fashion Faux Pas. 

Following are the Fashion Faux Pas one can avoid :

1. Too Tight clothes:


Wearing slim fit clothes is fine but there is a difference between slim fit and tight fit clothing. One can wear and look good in slim fit clothes but not in tight fit clothes. It looks uncomfortable and unappealing. 

I have seen girls wearing extreme tight clothes which does not look good. If you have a healthy body type then you must totally avoid it. Always try to wear perfect size or a size bigger.

2. Socks with sandals :


Wearing socks with sandals is a Big NO. One must not wear socks with sandals how much ever it is cold or you want to be trendy. Because it is not. One can wear sheer socks in pumps but not any type of socks in sandals. They look really bad and is one of the famous Fashion Faux Pas.

3. Formals with Sneaker:


Wearing formals with sneaker is a very bad idea. They look really bad in first place and they do not match the requirements of the formal. One can wear any shoes like sandals or pumps on formals but not sneakers. They are one of the biggest fashion faux pas.

4. Too Sheer Dress :

sheer dress 1

Wearing sheer dresses is been in trend for quite a while. But every few girls or women can pull off them easily. One must have a great body to pull a too sheer dress. When you know, you don’t have a perfect body for this dress, yet you wear it. It will look worst on you. Because even the celebrities with good body can’t pull off these dresses. Why to wear such difficult dresses in first place ?! 

5. Low waist saree :

low waist saree

Similar to sheer dresses, but nowadays girls like to show off their tummy. Especially in sarees, which does not look good. It’s the same formula one must have a great body to pull off a low waist tied saree. I am not saying slim girls but girls with good figure as on them, these sarees will look good. Or else it is unappealing. 

These are my top 5 Fashion Faux Pas one must avoid. There are many of them, some you may already know. But these were the ones I wanted to highlight.

Fashion Faux have always been popular in celebrities but now since many people are conscious of what they are wearing, the fashion trends etc.. it has become even more apparent. 

Do not try to go behind trends and wear them because they are in trend always see the comfort and also whether the clothes and style will suit you or not. 

Be Fashionable knowing what is right for you !!!


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Saniya Rane

I like to live life to the fullest , this is the reason why I love to write about various things in life and about life in general.


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