Bollywood filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt tweeted a controversial statement on Saturday “Social Media encourages cowards and haters to spout the most ugly things that they would never dare to say in real life to people face to face.” Twitter users since then started cracking jokes on Bhatt’s habit of ‘scratching’ and has become a trending topic in recent days.

  1. New movie of Mahesh Bhatt “Khujli hai ki maanta nahin”
  2. Mahesh bhatt is the itch guard of india.
  3. When somebody says something stupid to Mahesh Bhatt, he replies with “Itch please”!”
  4. Mahesh Bhatt’s cat never feels itchy when he he is around.
  5. Mahesh Bhatt’s security guard’s name is “Itch Guard”
  6. Don’t say mahesh bhatt eats itchdi?
  7. In next movie , instead of kiss, Emraan Hashmi will scratch Mahesh Bhatt
  8. Mahesh Bhatt gets special recharge coupons with a warning ‘Scratch gently, its not your chest’
  9. Mahesh Bhatt has spent 80% of his life scratching his back 😛
  10. You scratch my back and I scratch yours” is a saying by Mahesh Bhatt.”
  11. After success of ‘Raaz’ franchise, Mahesh Bhatt to produce ‘Daad Khaj’.
  12. Mahesh bhatt’s favorite politician is Arvind Khujliwal
  13. Mahesh Bhatt’s favourite holiday destination is “Khujaraho””
  14. those who troll Mahesh Bhatt will get 100 trick of itching free.
  15. Mahesh Bhatt’s next tentatively titled “KHUJLEE” will be based on his life
  16. Why is Mahesh Bhatt Trending? Am itching to know
  17. Mahesh bhatt only gets nominated for Best Scratchplay award in Filmfare.
  18. Q) Why did Mahesh Bhatt not clap after Kohli’s century? A) 1 hand busy scratching B) Both hands busy scratching
  19. Mahesh Bhatt’s statement on social media is as dumb as something coming out of Rahul Gandhi’s mouth.
  20. According to mahesh bhatt social media is full of cowards and haters. Then why does he promote his films here?
  21. dear Mahesh Bhatt Scratch your chest once more and come out with something even deeper Film idea
  22. Q. What did the doctor say when Mahesh Bhatt was born? A. Badhaai ho, Khujli hua hai.
  23. Mahesh Bhatt ka driver double salary leta hai, ek hath se drive karta hai aur dusre se pichli seat pe baithe Bhatt saab ko Khujlata hai.
  24. If Mahesh Bhatt were a snake, he would definitely be an itcha-dhari naag.
  25. I’ll vote for Modi cause he stopped Twitter terrorists from Aloknathing Mahesh Bhatt as soon as he started speaking.
  26. Mahesh Bhatt uses Itch guard instead of a toothpaste.
  27. Mahesh bhatt’s fav TV serial character is ‘itcha’.
  28. Had Mahesh Bhatt authored Bharat Ek Khoj, the book would’ve been titled ‘Bharat Ek Khujli’.
  29. In honor of Mahesh Bhatt, Idea has put picture of Mahesh Bhatt on all scratch cards for recharge.
  30. Mahesh Bhatt is the writer of the “Fifty Shades of Itching”
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