Top 10 Superb Tips To Be A Rockstar Intern By Chirag H. Waghela


Rockstar Intern

1) Your main motto should be “learning” than “earning”.

2) Learn well in training session, otherwise be ready for listening everyone on field work.

3) When you join any organization, talk with everyone and try to create more contacts as you can.

4) Maintain good relations with the team leader, Manager and sometimes also try to interact with top level management people also.

5) The best way to improve your skills and knowledge is learning from your mistakes. (No one is perfect, try to be perfect).

6) The team leader / manager may shout at you sometime. At that time, you must politely give response to them and learn how they act when something goes wrong when team members are not achieving their targets.

7) If you want to be famous in the organization, attend each and every program conducted by the company.

8) Be flexible with your position as it may change anytime without informing you and always be ready to take the challenges at work.

9) Always try to learn different type of work process because in the coming future, that experience will help you to improve your work position in the organization.

10) Smart work + Hard work, Never ever fear, Do fun and be fantastic at work and stay satisfied.


This is your new friends and family members. So maintain good relations with them.


BY Chirag H. Waghela, Works in Client Servicing at Kotak Securities Ltd., and as a part-time Computer Teacher for retired people. 



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