PK is a Hindi comedy-drama movie which is slated to release on 19th December 2014. In July 2014, a motion poster was released on Youtube starring Aamir Khan in which he posed almost nude with only a transistor. The poster was criticized for promoting obscenity. The poster was similar to the poster of a Portuguese musician named Quim Barreiros.


Here we present Top 10 Superb ‘P.K.’ Hindi Movie Images, HD Wallpapers For WhatsApp, Facebook

 PK film  (31) (600x588) PK film  (32) (600x588) PK film  (33) (600x308) PK film  (34) (600x308) PK film  (35) (600x308) PK film  (36) (600x308) PK film  (37) (600x308) PK film  (38) (600x258) PK film  (39) (600x232) PK film  (40) (600x350)



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