Today’s 5 amazing Articles published on you simply Can’t Miss:



Today’s 5 amazing Articles published on you simply Can’t Miss:

1. We asked our Content Manager to tell her story to everyone, a company is known by the people who work there and so do read ‘Ami Pandya’s’ story right here: 

ami dp- edited

Know The BMS Team: Content Manager – Ami Pandya

2. BMS student’s keep complaining of the lack of job availability, here is our take on why BMSites today find it difficult to score gainful employment:

bms y u no get me a job meme

Life After BMS: The Practical Realities Of A Jobless BMSite! 

3. If YOU have ever been associated with the BMS course this one you can definitely relate with:


10 Things Every BMS Student Experiences At Least Once

4. ‘BMS Ko Bol Dunga’ our section in support of BMS students covers the plight of the student’s of J.S.S.P college Kalyan (w):

bms ko bol dunga

BMS KO Bol Dunga: Am I A Graduate? Am I Not?

5. A simplified yet helpful version of the popular Management Concepts, that will definitely help you:


Management Concepts Simplified

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