To The Next Round Of The FIFA World Cup


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So the group stages are over and it’s been an exhilarating world cup which has seen some of the big shocking results like defending champions going out, some of the good football, some small teams showing the big boys how it’s done, Costa Rica, and overall a brilliant World Cup which is not yet over and is going to get better, more ferocious, challenging and emotional as we move into the Knock Out Stages.

Out of the 32 teams now only 16 teams move into the next round and it is no more group stages, but a knock out round of 16. It will be one off, the team who loses goes home and the one who wins will be in the Quarter Finals.

Football is a sport of uncertainties and there is no doubt all the ties will be exciting and there are upsets possible but on paper the most exciting three games can be Belgium vs USA, Croatia vs Greece and Brazil vs Chille as it is difficult to decide who might go through in these three games.

In other matches, Netherlands vs Mexico, with the form it seems the Dutch might go through but Mexico had drawn Brazil in group stages so it will be a tough ride for the Orangies.

Columbia vs Uruguay, with or without suarez, this Uruguay team have good enough players to beat Columbia, so it can be predicted a win for Uruguay.

Germany and France seem to be too strong to go through against Algeria and Nigeria respectively. Argentina vs Switzerland may be a tough encounter but Messi magic may just get them to the next round.


Next round will be starting from today, so let’s switch on our Television sets and enjoy one great ride.

 – Jainam Jhaveri

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